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Can we not put Procerath in so many events?

Look, it’s bad enough that it’s horribly broken at the moment, no thanks to the dodge change and the absurd stats, but it spawning in event drops in events such as immunity and fast REALLY doesn’t help. Can we get Pyro back for Yoshi in fast? Or even better, Erlik?


Proceratho coming back next week. :grin::joy:

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This dino makes me sick. We don’t need anymore handouts for this boost mascot. Luckily most will be darting Blue. We already had enough handouts for this boost monstrosity.

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Boosts 2.0 sales are lacking… never seen this game as low as it currently is on the top grossing charts. Maybe they think feeding us procerath will make us decide 20 dollars per tier isnt so bad.

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