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Can we permanently ban other players from entering our alliances?

I ask this as an officer for the alliance I’m in. There’s a player who’s been constantly requesting to get in the alliance after I kicked him out for failing to adhere to our alliance’s rules despite repeated warnings from myself and the alliance leader.

Been constantly rejecting him ever since, but he’s clearly not getting the message and it’s getting a little annoying.


It sounds like a good idea, but what if you regret it and want to put the person back in but you can’t

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If the person is being rejected about a dozen times by now and clearly hasn’t gotten the message, I don’t think I’d regret permanently banning them.


Oh yes, PLEASE! My alliance has several players like that! Have been asked repeatedly to follow the rules, eventually been kicked out, and now trying to rejoin up to 10 times a day!


Instead of rejecting you can also just ignore the invite

But admittedly, it is quite annoying to press on the alliance tab and see the notification

But there are always loads of notifications, like requests

Can’t deny it either

Just give another member the power of the alliance so you don’t receive those messages.

Ignore the request. It has the same outcome as rejecting them and you dun have to do anything.

A perm ban option or blacklist should be added though it is low on the list of things Ludia has to do for alliance administration. High on the list is getting a 3 tab Alliance interface. 1 tab for chat, 1 tab for members and 1 more tab for requests.

Actually I would also like to ask Ludia of a favor.

How come people can request to join my alliance while it is full

People try luck

That’s a ridiculous excuse

I dun get that either.