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Can we please avoid this trend?

It’s blatantly obvious that Titanoboa is an event exclusive creature, which seems to be the new trend lately. Let’s put something shiny and new in front of the player’s faces, but put it just beyond their reach. I have no problem with exclusive creatures, but there needs to be more of a variety. One Unique per update requiring one exclusive creature in its genetic makeup is such a turn-off. Like I suggested before, can we PLEASE have more Unique options in future updates? I have a feeling this game isn’t attracting a lot of new players, so it’s time to start enticing the people who stick around through thick and thin. Just a friendly suggestion :+1:


And because of modifications to our already previous boosted dinosaurs are pushing me away, you losing players instead of keeping

Aight, I think it might be L5 time :slight_smile:

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I have said before recently but I remember the pterosaur release. For two weeks after release all the new pterosaurs were available in the wild and frequently. I know there were grumbles but I wish we could go back to that for new releases.


The epic is incubator exclusive right now. The rare is a global spawn.

Dont worry, someone will post a picture of the unique at level 30 Thursday… totally legit player of course


You just got the rare snake for free in the campaign missions. How about you pump the brakes and wait awhile to get the Epic one.


I totally agree. Let’s give it some time to settle in before the ostracizing begins. It is no wonder Ludia does not respond to us. It is because the forums have become toxic.


I’m not complaining that I don’t have the snake here and now. My post is merely constructive criticism that echoes other player sentiment. Wether Ludia heeds by my advice is their prerogative, but I doubt they will. However, the language contained within my post does not contain “toxic” rhetoric. There is a vast difference between blatant whining and advice that will reduce such petty behavior…

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