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Can we please bring back Cpt Muffin

I enjoy the game and am having fun with other routes, but the character I immediately fell in love with/saw a lot of potential for is also the character who has had the least amount of story out of anyone- including the seasonal characters (save Guillaume, I suppose)

I just wanna voice my enjoyment of Cpt Muffin and their owner, and that I would like to see more of them. The Captain deserves some more love! :purple_heart:

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We didn’t get very far in that storyline :frowning_face:

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Seriously! It was a bummer how little they got and even more so since there haven’t been any updates since. :frowning:

It was kind of a tease since all of the other stories/character routes progressed further :disappointed:

ive thought about matching with the fat cat but i think thats a guy

It could be anyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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thats funny. lol. ill wait for the spoiler. lol

I have no idea who it is :laughing: