Can we please choose the four dinos we want to battle with?


Instead of randomly getting four dinos from the team of eight, why can’t we choose?


It keeps people from “stacking the deck” so to speak. People will find a line-up that will most always win. That would take the fun out of the game. People would get frustrated and quit. This helps make it more random and make it so you have to think about the best way to play with the roll you get. Some times you get a good roll and sometimes a bad. It helps keep the playing field level and gives everyone a chance to win some battles.


Not really, because you don’t know what the other person is choosing.


What if I want to practice using my level 6 Spinosaurus, but it gets defeated before i get a chance to use it’s moves…then the next few battles don’t even include Spino in the lineup? Or what if i want my Utahraptor in every battle, not because she is my strongest (cause she’s not) but just because she’s my favorite.


I can pick by random!


it’s business… you don’t have to spend as much time/money to have 4 really good ones as you do 8


What i meant was, you would still have a team of 8, but you get to choose at the start of each round who battles or who sits on the bench.


what would you base that off of though? you don’t know what dinos you are facing to pick certain dinos over others.


I’ve got way more than these awesome dinos!


yeah please add this feature and don’t forget to add the weekly login calendar it will make Jurassic World Alive the #1 game in the world.


If I would be able to make my own team mine would be :



Exactly. That’s why it would still be a fair fight. You choose your dinos from your team and your opponent chooses theirs and then you battle with what you chose. (Rather than battling with the random dinos chosen for you)


For example, I have a wuerhosaurus and a euplocephalus on my team. I would prefer to have one of those (instead of both when they get randomly chosen). I also have a Velociraptor and a Utahraptor on my team of 8. But i would only choose one for a battle to have a more rounded team of 4. Just sayin if we had the option to pick our own, it would be nicer than the game always choosing for you.


I really like your Utahraptor and the one that looks like a white tiger! Are these your own figures?


Random from 8 is better. Then I have a better chance against a better top-heavy team.


why a team of 8 then? without ever knowing your opponents team, why would you pick a different 4 to fight with every time?


Choose 4, lol nope, never.


And you could switch your team members out at the start of each battle as you choose to do so! (Instead of the game automatically doing it)


Because you get to learn the different move sets of each dino and strategize at how to use them. The game already lets you choose 8 for your top battling team. So why wouldn’t there be an option to choose 4 out of those 8 for each battle? You can mix up the team as you learn their moves. Variety is good.
For example: One battle I may choose Eupocephalus, Spinosaurus, Utahraptor and Allosaurus. But in the next battle, i may want to switch out Spinosaurus for Dimetrodon.


But what if you get 4 that are not better against a top heavy team. If you were to choose your own 4, hopefully you would have a more well rounded team therefore giving you a better chance of winning.