Can we please do something!

About all these stupid apex with double priority moves? This game isnt fun at all… It’s crap that you can get rolled by someone that pulls out a dino that can constantly use priority moves… Especially when both moves reduce your damage! Completely ruining the game. It’s bad enough you reset arena every month and you end up fighting people who have max level and boosted apexs for weeks after… Which completely kills the tournament too because those of us who make it to Gyro get knocked way down in Lockwood and go from 820 to 760 trophies every month until we can finally fight back up to hopefully get back to Gyro…

In this Refrenantem 100% needs a nerf… It is ridiculous that y’all thought it was a good idea to give this creature the ability to completely 0 out an openents damage while giving them an instant attack that A. attacks, B. Reduces damage, AND C. Bleeds…

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Not a lot of top tier dinos that can cleanse what could be a 0 dmg debuff. Most have moves that cleanse vulnerable or dots. But even still double instant moves? Or instant moves with 0 cool down? It’s crazy

do you have it dont complian untill you have it unless you do

What? Little confused by your statement…

1 do you have ref because if you dont I wouldnt complian unless I did
2 If you do have Ref tho you can complian but rather not

That makes no sense… I can’t complain about a completely overpowered dinosaur unless I have it? Yea that’s not how this works…

really? so your telling me i dont have impera and I can camplain even tho I dont know how it works only from the usage of other players

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I’m sorry are you telling me I don’t know how the dinosaur works because I don’t own it?

grr Im not saying that im saying do you have first hand experince??? well what are you gonna say when you get ref and find is really good and are sorry you asked ludia to nerf it?

I’m sure the people who have it don’t want it nerfed, they’re probably very happy with an overpowered dino, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a nerf. It doesn’t mean that there’s any reason some of these apexes have 2 instants, heals, or escape stopping abilities. It needs more balance.

okay tell you what your part right right about that but also it has plenty of counters if you look in the right spot

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Chris is right man its all about balance thats why they put the dino types in ( fierce, resilient, etc.) And if there is a dino who has the advantage of going 2 or 3 times before you can go once it needs fixing. If they dont fix it then why even change any of the dinos powers in any of the updates? Put evey dino back to the way it was when you first started playing. Sincerotops was killing it back in the day but it had to be changed. No difference here.