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Can we please get a hybrid or drop this thing?


Lol I can’t stand darting it anymore


Carnotaurus hybrid? Carnoteryx! Replace those stubby lil arms with wings…


Mines level 15 and i have 17k dna… its one of the few i dont think ill regret not darting every time i see it.


Jw rhe game have a carnoraptor hybrid, just saying xd


May be with Tanycologreus or Erlikosaurus Gen 2 or Concovenator or Ornithomimus. All these are useful in the early of the game, and we can never get them back to the team once we cross 3000 trophies.


Tany is useful pretty much at any stage of the game with its nullifying strike…esp for those of us who can’t find enough Mono DNA to make any of its hybrids.


I’m with you…I think I’m sitting on enough right now to get mine up to 20 or 21 if I was gonna waste the coin lol


i installed a mod called willpower that prevents me from darting it.

its not an easy install, however, you need to be rooted.