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Can we please get rid of the dodge mechanic now?


I am so done with this I just had an indominus double dodge for the win yet again. Of all the ridiculous, game deciding rng mechanics in this game; this is by far the worst. Reducing the whole game down to a simple coin toss. Yeah, toss all that tactical thinking or any hope for interesting gameplay out the window; just spam that cloak and hope for the double dodge on rng. There is nothing more infuriating than playing my hardest and putting my opponent into an unwinnable position simply through predicting his moves and carefully selecting my own, only to have all that taken away when the jammy **** just spams the priority cloak to get a free win.

And preemptively; if all you are going to say is ‘it’s fair because it gives wins to people who wouldnt otherwise win’ that’s not fair; that’s just random and it’s bs. You shouldnt get the win if you were outplayed. And even if you want to argue that random chance should give people undeserved wins; a 50-50 is not fun, not interesting, it’s just infuriating. Also anyone who tries to ‘advise’ me to bring counters; I have 2 nullifyers on my team AND stegodeus (none of which I rolled) and also an alanqa, which I DID roll and was the unfortunate dino to get robbed of victory right at the end. There is no reliable counter for stupid luck in a game that randomizes your team.


Monomimus nullifies cloak.
Suchotator nullifies cloak.
Monostegotops nullifies cloak.
Ankyntrosuarus, Pteranodon, Tanycolagreus, Monolometrodn… all nullify cloak.

Add one, and include it in your tactical thinking. Cloak problem solved.


Yeah, I get tired of reading whiny posts…

add more than two.


A double dodge is nothing compared to an Indo dodging 6 times in a match. Even a Stegodeus can take down I-rex easily. Just throw out the shield when they cloak and pound away.


As I said in the post; I HAVE a stegodeus, it wasnt rolled in my team because the game loves rng way too much. My point is that the entire dodge mechanic is infuriating as hell as it turns what SHOULD be a turn-based strategy game into a 50-50 coin toss


Nerf the wall, not the dodge! :pick:


Dodge and evasive don’t belong to game like this. This should be all about skill and strategy, not luck.


It sounds to me that you were outplayed. Alanqa have swap invincibility and long invincibility. So you just missed the timing with shield.

Far worse for me is, when you are need tank a hit, which won’t kill your dino, before killing opponent dino and opponent gets critical.


Monomimus dodging 6 times I’ve seen it but Indo…that’s was nightmare for sure

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I have a level 25 Stegodeus and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had her in my deck. This game likes to pick the lowest dinos on my team for me, and my IRex and Monomimus are too lazy to dodge most of the time :rofl:


Sometimes that’s just how it is. I’ve had to use a T-Rex versus Indoraptor a few times because I had nothing else that could kill it easily. They’ll never take dodging out of the game. People have too much invested in those dinos already. I don’t use any dodging dinos because it’s too much of a gamble and it’s kind of noob-ish in my eyes. Although, if I could get Monomimus to a high enough level, I’d probably use it just because it’s immune, fast, and tough. I haven’t even bothered creating it yet though because I would only be able to level it a couple times, so it’s not worth the coins yet.


I only use evasive stance when it’s “use it or lose the dino”

Literally just had a fight where it was my 24 Monomimus vs. a 26 Stegocera.

Didn’t dodge once hahaha!

It’s such a gamble, but fun rolling the dice from time to time.


I mainly just hate the people who start the match with Indo and pray for a dodging marathon to get a cheap 3-0. There’s been times when someone pulls out an Indo toward the end of the match and catches me off guard and whoops me, and I’m like “Hm, well played.”


Your Monomimus and mine must be from the same family. Mine is always slacking.


I’ve been leading with indo tonight for fun. Lost 5 matches in a row haha. But I don’t get bent about rng and cloak/evasive not working. It’s all for fun. If I drop out of the tournament, so be it. I just goof off more than anything.

Side note about dodging. Indo 0/9 mono 0/6 Elridominus 0/3 so far tonight. But it’s definitely something that is op and needs to go away bwahahahahaha


Yeah, my whole team took the night off tonight hehe. They’re playing dodgeball with their faces right now! :slight_smile:

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I always have to laugh seeing posts like this. Its just another post complaining about RNG. RNG is what it is, and doesn’t always work in ones favor as well. Just had a match where my opponents I-Rex got hit both times through their cloak quickly taking it down. I’m sure we’ve all had matches like that too. Its part of the game, and can be easily gotten around. Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield. Not to say it isn’t frustrating when RNG rolls against you several times, but it happens.


Can we ban “whiners” from the game too… they’re just as annoying as the cheaters were


Tried liking this post 1000 times…

It wouldn’t let me :frowning:


Just a thought Evasive and Cloak make it have 60% and 70% reduction to damage for 2/3 turns(can be nullified)

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