Can we please get this?

I am sure we all want alankylosaurus to get a hybrid


Someday eventually, when they ran out of options for other creatures.


it looks like something from Harry Potter or like something from idk not Jurassic world alive

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Yup they will use the alanky for something but I don’t think it’s this

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We’ll get it the day when they are out of ideas.

I like it tbh. But wait til they make it Ankylos Lux cranked up to 11 or a wannabe Stygidaryx

Or worst we get a Trike rig w a pterosaur beak and anky armour

Where can i find the poll?

It’s gone. The poll was in 2020, maybe mid 2021.

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That’s crazy looking. It looks too heavy and honestly kinda too odd to fly. But I think, I like it…

I’m tired of all of the ‘lux’ names. They were cool I the beginning but now they’re becoming plain and uncreative.

Sorry no hate, just ranting because it’s one of those days.

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Yhea found it was the same poll of indoT . Thought it was a new Pole😕

Could someone please share a link to the poll? I want to see the other ones but couldn’t find it.

@Procerathomonomimus here you go

And here’s my concept for the Alankyloceratops


Thank you so much!

Tbh I was also somewhat ranting/having a minor nitpick so no problem :grin:

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I don’t think a resilient should be immune to swap prevention except some exceptions like daryx

@TheAngrySuchomimus Yeah but this is meant to swap in, tank a hit, shield, stun, and escape, like Daryx, except with a more resilient moveset.
Plus seven other in game pure resilient creatures game swap prevention impunity so it’s not like this is something new

I fail to see any fierce beating your alankyloceratops. If it didn’t have swap prevention immunity it would be weaker against bleeders like albertospino.
But I guess that’s not saying much when many resilient already beat fierce.

Yeah but something with an on escape move could work like IndoT which can really punish swapping
Plus its not that powerful with no other turn one options
I’d say it’s good high elite around mammolania and coelhaast levels

Hopefully, they will add all of the creatures in the poll to the actually game in the near future