Can we please have a Baryonyx Gen 2 event?!

I have been playing since June 2018 and still do Not have enough Baryonyx gen 2 to create Erlikospyx!!


I don’t even remember ever seeing it on events

I think it was in fallen kingdom event forever ago😔 it was only once for sure though

Week 26


Is that official or estimated?

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Oh sorry that was the old event not future lol if you look at the date

Oh yeah silly me :joy:

Yep like 5 months ago :pensive:

That explains it. I wasn’t active at the time.

I agree have been a VIP player for a long time and also cannot find or get Baryonyx Gen 2 dna that’s much needed, would to see it in an event or as an alliance reward

Im on the same page at least give us a chance to collect more besides battling


But…guys we are having a film celebratation marathons so this event will likely return, meaning Bary G2 for everyone

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I was hoping bary gen 2 would be included

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It probably will for fallen kingdom week :slight_smile: it should at least… unless ludia pulls a joke on us :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: