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Can we please have a non-vip coin sale for Halloween?

Pretty please? With a cherry on top? @Ned


Yeah please, where is our candy Ludia. This is Halloween


I’ve lost track of how many VIP coin sales there has been since the last non-VIP one, but it’s been several months, maybe half a year at this point, since we last got one for everyone.
Remember back when we had 4500 cash for 375000 coins, or at least 350000?

Many of us would buy these coin sales if you just opened them up to non-vip, we need the coins for arena teams and advantage tournaments.

So please Ludia, give us a non-vip coin sale sometime! Preferably once a month while VIP gets about 2 extra coin sales each month.


Yeah I also lost track already. :roll_eyes:
There’s been so many of these VIP coin sales.

I was extremely annoyed when I saw that there’s a green cash coin sale for VIP again.
I mean, good for them, yay, but us, “common folks” need some sales too from time to time.
And not the “only for real money” sales, really. I do not consider these “sales” :expressionless: