Can we please make fight for funds more worth it?

Does anyone think the rewards for fight for funds is a little underwhelming? I feel like it’s too hard for a measly 120 DB. 120 bucks used to be awesome back in the low levels, but now it’s just meager chump change. Hopefully Ludia will change this. Maybe according to level.


It does rise to 200 db when you reach a certain
park level, I just do it for the sdna really and because the battles are fairly easy for where I’m at in the game.

I agree though the DB is not worth the effort, but if i have the extra creatures then why not? my same thoughts are for claim your territory.


When is it 200? I’m on level 65

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I’m not sure as I was max level when the change occured, I think maybe @Andy_wan_kenobi or @Sionsith would know

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Level 75, per @Keith on March 2, 2021


My god yes, it so tough especially in the level i am. i end up spending nearly as much as the Prize of 120 DB.