Can we please remove the best practice mission from the daily missions?

Making players go out of their way to do campaign missions daily makes it an absolute chore. Every other mission can be done with regular daily activity but forcing us to do campaign missions is just tedious and so annoying. Makes me not want to do campaign even more rather than promoting it. Please remove this requirement


I just do 3 times chapter 7.1, starter level.
Hit that Utah with lv30 Ceramagnus is fastest way to get rid of it.

I mentioned this before, but it seems that nobody in Ludia cares. Almost run out of campaign missions - just several more days to go to finish all. Then I’ll have to repeat the missions to get the task done - What’s the point though? Just to make the game more boring?

I usually play the final advanced cloak trial. Phorurex destroys Indotarus in 1 turn if lucky, 2 turns if not.

When is the last time you got both best practice and complete six battles?

People complained about having to fight in the arena to finish their missions so we got this.

Do you want them to add beat X number of raids as a daily mission? Under no circumstances would they simply take battles out of the missions and let them be easier.

It’s easy but it’s lame. Once you beat it and can’t get any rewards it’s a chore. I go to the first mission and do starter and use Rex and 1 shot the anky 3x and it’s down fairly quick.

I’ve completed the campaign and am still getting this daily mission. I do the second goat level on intermediate (level 3 of the final course). If you use something frail and slower than the goat – I use erlidom, but an unboosted gorgotrebax or haast maximus also works great – the goat attacks first and one-shots you.