Can we please stop calling for nerfs on everything?!


I have seen so many posts about OP this and OP that. Do people just want every dinosaur in the game to be nerfed to oblivion…Legendaries and uniques are supposed to be good. Just because one loses to a dinosaur, doesn’t warrant it being nerfed. Take monomimus: it has a good moveset and speed, but it’s health is relatively low and it can be beaten quite easily if it doesn’t dodge or if have a nullifying dinosaur. Yet, so many people complain about nerfing it. Look at what happened to dilorano. People just complained and while I can admit, it’s attack was a little high, it has now been nerfed to the point where it isn’t really as useable as it was. Can we all just stop this constant call to nerf dinosaurs and rather to perhaps buff the counters or underpowered dinosaurs?
I know not everyone will agree with this sentiment, because this game can be really frustrating a lot of the time, but it is just my opinion.


/me buffs this post


But you are asking to nerf nerf posts. :crazy_face:


Never summon the raptor god of nerfing!


Stop saying the word nerf, if I need to see that stupid meme again :roll_eyes:


What if we don’t want to?


Part of the reason I started putting it up… to drive people nuts whenever they mention “cutting back” on abilities…


I thought it was funny the first 8 times you posted it :joy:


I’m hoping people learned their lesson, and refrain from summoning him again. I really don’t like overdoing something.


Hahaha, yes you definitely do! It’s ok… part of your charm.


Dinosaurs were nerfed to the max many many years ago. Now that they are back in the world, would ya just let the poor things live in peace please!!


this post is davros approved.


I don’t do things by halves, so yeah. I went overboard a bit.


Wait dinosaurs really existed?


I don’t answer to that bald cycloptic git. I’m Cult of Skaro all the way!!


NERF THE TREX! Half it’s jaw should do about fine! :joy:



no nerfs. everything but indoraptor, stegodeus, monomimus need to be buffed. i swear every battle at like 4300+ trophies are the exact same dinosaurs every single time. it’s so boring. :sleeping:


Ughhh. And now comes the bit where people try to get “he who shall not be mentioned” to come out and play…

It’s been done for a while, guys. I’m giving Nerfraptor a break.


The reason people ask for nerfs is because its easier than actually engaging that thing between their lugs and thinking of how to counter.