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Can we plz have different daily mission epics

I think it’s great we have daily missions. The rewards are decent and the epic dna is nice but seriously, can we have a different daily epic each day?
Ludia, give use a daily surprise :yum:

Just a thought.


I support this idea but not until they fix that strike tower incubators don’t count towards your daily mission incubator.


I agree with both posts above. The only thing is that I would rather see the reward change weekly, instead of daily.

I truly am sick to death of these ignorant birds.


I would have more different daily missions (like 10). More choices and less required like 7 out of 10 so you can choose a day if you want to battle, or you prefer to open incubator.
This way you could pick what you want and still get rewards instead of being unable to get it because you didn’t want to do your 38 battles one day


maybe one day alankylo will get a unique hybrid :smiley: that is what keeps me doing these quests

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I really thought they were going to do what PoGo does - refresh the rewards every month.

I think every week would be a nice refresh for this game.

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I just need 50 Sinoceratops to create Allosinosaurus, not some stupid useless bird😫

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I would like tiered rewards that changed on a daily basis… 5/10 gives you a common. 7/10 a rare and 9/10 an epic… these can all rotate randomly each day or week… there are common/rare dna i want more then i do alanqa…

Id take 100 dilo gen 2 over 90 alanqa every day of the week…


This sounds like a nice set up.

Good concept

What about giving us 3-4 different dinos to choose from every day if we complete the missions, and those 3-4 could change weekly? :thinking: