Can we remove some stun moves already ok thanks


About done already with moves that stun you. You dont see them in any other game like this for a reason. It isn’t skill based and it isn’t fun for anybody.


It’s a move like any other, just have at least 1 immune creature in your team to counter :woman_shrugging:t3:

The skill is in having the right creatures on your team to counter the opponents you may face and using them at the right time. Nullifying for Cloak and shelds, stunners for the Rex’s, immunes for the stunners, shields for the raptors, armour piercing for tanks, shield shattering for the shields… You can’t always predict correctly but the counters are there.

Agree though it’s depressing when the minimal, instant and greater all manage to stun in a row! Phone has survived a few throwings as a result of that!


I get you can try and argue that there is counters for it but there really isn’t any purpose for having a stun move that hits just as hard as any other move and has the ability to remove someone’s turn. Having a immune dinosaur on your team doesn’t always count as a counter especially when again the stunyl moves hit as hard as a normal move with a chance you’re just going to get plowed over if the opponent is faster than you. I’ll reference Pokemon for this style of turn-by-turn battling. The closest move to stopping an opponent from doing their turn is a attack that also slows your opponent but does not deal any damage because they already knew that stuff would be ridiculous if you could stop someone from doing an attack and still hurt him in the same go. To me it has no place in this game but if you want to insist on keeping it in this game you need to drop every person’s attack by 400 that does do a stun or drop those stun chances by a whole lot.


Fair. Point.

Ok I actually totally agree with your points above…

I’ll just be over here licking my wounding strike…


Haha got you. Didn’t mean to sound aggressive just put money into this game and want it to shape up.


Lol! I know, all good :slight_smile:️ I just understood your point after the second post so felt bad for being so dismissive and patronising to you at first :wink: it really is a fair point - they should stun but not inflict quite so much damage at the same time.


Thanks :blush: I’m used to aggressive comments bc there is a small group of ppl completely against removing or editing stun dinosaurs. I feel those ppl are the ones who have 3 or 4 dinosaurs that focus on stuns.


Stegoceratops is definitely an example of too many stun moves given a dino, and RNG makes it worse when suddenly minimal stun puts you in stun lock more often than not. I started opening with my Ankylocodon for this reason. One battle earlier this week, my opponent opened with stegocera, me with 'codon. Finished his dino, then he throws in Stygi. Boom. Then he throws in rex. 'Codon falls, i bring in my raptor. Pounce, take a hit, then strike. Most hilarious battle to date.


The stun meta only works if you know how to work it. LOL


I start with Postimetrodon quite a bit to counter stuns and slowing attacks at the beginning of the match. My Stegoceratops is my highest level dino though, so I definitely go for stuns too. No shame. It’s the best counter I have for the Indoraptor unless my Velociraptor can land some hits.


Actually there are plenty of “stun” moves in Pokémon, they’re called flinching.


But this is about making JWA totally the opposite of PoGo - in other words, a fun game.

When you load a dino down with too many moves of one specific type (in this case, stun), you suddenly have players getting quick and easy wins and the concept of using your brain to strategize flies out the window, and into the next door neighbor’s woodchipper.

Now if you balanced out the types of moves a dino could use, instead of introducing a “stun-spammer” into the mix, it would make battles more interesting, and a lot less infuriating. I use a stun counter to open now, because on average maybe 75% or higher use a stun lock-capable dino to open.

But not everyone has a stun counter. RNG is infuriating at times, because the opponent seems to land a stun when the odds of them stunning aren’t really that high to begin with. For example, i once fought an opponent who stunlocked me, then kept stunning, even with minimal stun strike! That shouldn’t be statistically possible, but there it is.

Proof that this game’s borked RNG is also a factor in the stun meta taking off. Stun dinos can be a boon, yes. But they can also become a nuisance if used almost exclusively.


My solution to all the stunning. It has got me up to 4200 at times but I am solid over 4000 now


Yup, “rock slide”, “astonish”, etc. but it doesnt deal much damage and chance to stun is just <30%. They have priority stun move too like “fake out” which guaranteed stun but low damage and you cant spam it


I think getting rid of minimal stunning strike would help a lot. It would at least guarantee that you could not be stunned more than twice in a row


Hi No one, who is the pretty boy at the bottom left of your team?


Rock slide can hit plenty hard, same with waterfall and air slash.


Ever since the initial Raptor nerf, stun based meta seems to have massively taken over. I lose more battles because of stun than anything else. I can include immune based dinosaurs but you aren’t guaranteed to get one in your 4 team line up and there are often other dinosaurs I would rather include which could arguably better.


Yes, it can. Maybe there is something different something that balance it out. Tbh this game is far from balanced compare to Pokemon which have more in-depth mechanic like type advantage, your pokemon stats built, iv ev, etc and most important rng in pokemon doesnt look as broken as this lol


True, Pokémon is far more strategic. This is far more RNG based, dodge Dino’s and stun being the most glaring examples.