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Can we set exploration default back to 'Free'?

The buttons are too small and there is a huge possibility that we might make a mistake and search with 3 bags. Why is this the default in the first place?

Can you make a survey of who actually likes this? I don’t like it and other players from other online communities do not like it too.


I hate it and consider it a nasty move to try to trick players into spending runes. If it defaulted to what you did last time, that would be one thing (I’ve heard at least one player say this would be nice), but as-is, it’s a malicious anti-feature.


Yeah it’s I guess better on a tablet…but my son accidentally dropped the tablet and hit the buy wood option for Meatlug(Journey choice) $300++ runes! which we would have NEVER done EVER seeing as we had 9dragons mad loaded just needed to collect but over 240,000,000+ in our mail from card pks&gauntlet wins! We save our runes(he’s special needs&being on spectrum it’s hard at times to really explain everything so)&have been saving them up(well Tbh since fat cat :cat: stepped on tablet&bought a card ok in Brawl smh {smallest token pk?300ish?} and then use them for when he's had a really good day/week/what have you to buy things in game (we don't spend real here but to him the loss of those Runes straight devastation! And the newsletter per FB ★300★ free RUNES…never got them…:unamused:My game is jynxed

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it happened with me this morning I could have done the hidden world with 3 but I hit the 1 button

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Yup… annoying and just yet another cash grab for Ludia. I stopped playing Star Trek Timelines because things like this became so blatantly obvious they don’t care about the player, only the spending.