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Can we stop complaining about EXP

I get this will not sit well with many people but seriously every other post is about people crying about the EXP rate, you have to keep in mind some things:

-The MAX level per character is lvl 20! Other games u get a ton of exp and level up fast but they have like 100+ levels or some type of re-birth system
-No Stamina system / You can play as long as you want with no restriction such as waiting for energy/stamina (Remember other games actually sell energy too, just so you can play longer)
-This is a gatcha type game/ This game is a gatcha game (collect equipment) and character collection game, so what’s the rush? If you were to get to level 20 on all your character then people would cry about no content…

This is a very slow paced game, when you are stuck on a certain part of the game you simple repeat the dungeon again and again and again till u get more pieces of the equipment and move forward. Boring? Yes of course but that’s the style of the game. If you were expecting something fast paced with a ton of content I’m afraid this is the wrong game…

Just my $0.02

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So you mention that other games sell you energy for real money so that you can continue playing, while at the same time this game does the same thing, sells you in-game gold so that you can forever keep playing same few challenges to hopefully get some useful gear and then to use that same currency to level up that same gear and repeat that grind over and over and over… While it takes forever to get any meaningful amount of xp from any source.

Well problem with this grind is that people hardly feel any progression or sense of progression when for days upon days your characters are the same level with the same gear. In those 100+ level games there is at least something gimmicky every few levels that it keeps players invested into getting that one more level at least. Here, once your characters are lvl 10 it’s all over, you can use every gear available and nothing really to look forward to. And with how they seem to keep limiting access to legendary items only to VIP players best thing you can hope to get are epic items, but that novelty quickly wears off.

It really depends on the player: I myself have subbed to VIP early when i started few months ago and after i’ve purchased the initial 100k gold i never had to buy gold again. when i run the dungeons i’m always coming out with a surplus of gems and gold. But i guess unlike others i have the luxury of playing the game at work so i’m putting in easily 8 - 12 hrs a day mindlessly grinding away. At the end of each day i’m accumulating close to 1k gems and over 5k gold (running Heartcoil deeps).
Data here of the dice roll: 100 Dice roll data (HeartCoil Deeps)

As for content remember there really isn’t anything available after leveling to 20… as a matter of fact level 1 - 15 was probably the most exciting. Since then it’s all bots for PvP and just mindless grinding for gear…

Sounds to me like that’s less of an argument to just “suck it up, grind endlessly, and stagnate” and more of a suggestion to consider more content. It’s not like D&D is lacking in potential enemies and story arcs. For those who have done the grind to endgame (or close to it), why not have something new to work towards? Increased level cap, new dungeons, continuation of the story. The way it’s set up, new content is just establishing bigger monsters.

I guess none of you complainers have played real D&D. If you had you would know that this is the grind you have to do to level up your characters.

I really really hope that was failed attempt at sarcasm.

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I guess when you actually make this game your Day Job , XP and Gold isnt really “problematic”

But for someone that plays it when he can, facing walls whereas you dont get to drop gear and gain a meager 9 XP per “adventure” attempts facing down 20 K XP for a level up, it’s not just “grindy” at that point, it becomes a borefest.

Agreed, hence why you can just tap away mindlessly while working (I guess that also depends on what kind of work you do)

@Hmmm it wasn’t a grind for you because you paid excessively to go past that.

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I think you missed the entire point, he is still playing/grinding, and posted the last 100 rolls on coil on another topic…

I see he bought VIP, so did I and spent more then 4500 gems on gold, maybe I spent excessively too… meh

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@Mercurial where did I say it wasn’t a grind? Sure I payed for vip and bought some gems, but I think there’s many here that have put in a LOT more $$ then myself and quite frankly I don’t see any problem with that. I don’t know what your character levels are, but once u get passed heartcoil deeps (when you can clear it, you basically snowball from there on) it becomes easier and easier as you keep getting better gear and more gold then you put in. The game doesn’t balance out with your level so when your guys out level the monsters you noob stomp them. I don’t even have many legendary gear, Saarvin with his epic bow (lvl 7) 2 - 3 hits all mobs…

What’s the difficulty of the Heartcoil Deep challenge compared to HSM? I can almost always clear HSM now, so having it as my free Dungeon is nice.

Specifically what level legend/epic/rare/common gear are your characters using to consistently clear it? Characters level doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Myself I was able to start clearing at level 13 with lvl 5 - 7 epic gear. Possible even earlier except when you get the minotaur enemy he 1 hit me with move attack damage. Key is having the cleric as pure healer (regent and heal every turn) and Thomas tanking/counter attack. Wiz to disable attack/aoe. Farideh and Saarvin range attacking/push back

No we can’t! The EXP rate is stupid. Especially since the only way to really gain meaningful EXP is not by fighting monsters, but by upgrading gear which costs gold. Oh yeah, gold doesn’t actually drop in appreciable amounts from monsters either.

The lack of EXP is directly tied with this game being pay to keep playing. I mean I can sort of understand people wanting to go faster, but be forced to pay to just bloody play the game?

This is ridiculous.

Run the dungeon for exp/gold farming. Not campaign

You bet. Once every 4 hours. I grind the hell out of it. Yep. A whole 6 times a day. Ok… maybe 5. I’m a slacker, I know.

Real grinding professionals find a way to grind it out 7 or 8 times a day.

Yeah, I need 7,000 EXP for L8 for my Tommus. That means 375-400 runs for the EXP. it’s doubtful that I can complete this dungeon right now, so gold will be minimal.

That’s ridiculous. You kill monsters for exp and treasure. You don’t spend all your treasure and real money just to upgrade gear and level up. Everything is bassackwards in this game, and that’s been done all in the name of making it Pay2Play.

I’m OK with the gear-based XP system. I understand it’s a thing with some types of games.

It’s the inability to play as much as I want (or at least more than I can play now) due to time gates.

Energy systems… yeah, they can be a pain, but at least you can store up (and sometimes have potions or tickets or what-not) to play longer when you want.

I’m happy to grind. Just give me something TO grind that has some light at the end.

It’s a thing with pay to play games. That system sucks.

This game is not pay to play. EVERYONE hits the gold crunch at level 4-5. Once you get past it spend the 50 gold and run Sharpstone over and over, you will end up with more gold than you started with over a short time.