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Can we strengthen the need for Aquatics and Ceno?

Whenever CoT has Ceno, Aquatic and Jurassic, the Jurassic always wins. Because most parts of this game use Jurassic. (Hence the name of the game, eh?)

I’d like to suggest that CoT choices always be all Ceno or all Aquatic or all Jurassic to force some variety?

But, at the same time that does “hurt” having a choice a little bit.

Adding another weekly event might not be right (since Ceno and Aquatic isn’t open to new players).

Could we add some sort of monthly event (or every other week one for Ceno, one for Aquatic), that presses the need not to ignore these two groups?

I’d like to be mean and suggest that all new dino unlocks only show up in Aquatic/Ceno, but that isn’t entirely fair either.

How about:
The Mammoth Marathon Event, a 1 day event that has like 10 battles, but it switches between Aquatic and Ceno every other battle?

If you ignore either of these groups, you won’t be able to complete it.


They have added the extra weekly event for Cenozoic and Aquatic, at least for VIP players they have with the additional VIP events.

They could also mix up the regular events by making some of the battles within the event require some creatures like one battle could be all Jurassic, the second battle be all aquatic, third Cenozoic, and forth could be open to both Jurassic and Cenozoic.


I’m feeling the mix it up angle.

How about mix it up for CoT?

It rotates Jurassic/Aquatic/Ceno for the battles (for the whole event, not individual ones).

You ignore one, you’re forced to do some hatching this month to finish it out.

You have time to “fix” your hole and it forces players not to ignore them, or loose the unlock.

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What if the Infinity battle rotates which type of battle you’ll get?

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Those people who aren’t maxed will still ignore their aquatics and cenos.

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Yeah, I thought about that.

To some extent, I’m throwing ideas out.

Maybe my iffy or even bad idea will inspire someone else’s good idea?

Make an arena where you can have Jurassics, Cenozoics AND Aquatics. The land creatures would be on land and there’s a lake/ocean beside it where the aquatics are. For class advantages ALL aquatics are strong against land (yes, pull them in and drown them), ALL jurassics are strong against cenozoics (don’t ask why, maybe because a T rex can easily kill a pig/elephant) and ALL Cenozoics are strong against aquatics (umm…no logic). Have this type of PvP+in some events to increase the use of aquatics and cenozoics. Aquatics are good against land dinosaurs, so they get a huge usage buff. Cenozoics counter them, so they’ll also get a usage buff. Of course, normal aquatic and land PvP will still exist. Have mix hybrids (such as Glythronax and Allonogmius be neutral to type advantages so they can’t be nerfed by aquatics). Regular type advantages will still exist. Just my idea.

Animations will be pretty difficult, but leaving that to Ludia.

If that kind of arena would be there,I am sure most of the Aquatics will be like Mosasaurus in JW. Intense battle between Rex and Indominus Rex, and then, the moss jumps out, pulls the injured dinosaur and then OmNomNoMnOM.