Can we talk a bit about Albertocevia?

So with max offense boost - a level 30 Cevia is hitting for 6k or so instant followed up by a 9k or so precise on its first 2 turns on revenge.

Again - I have and use this creature, but it basically turns the game into easy mode when I draw it and my opponent doesn’t (or theirs is slower than mine). There’s NOTHING that can withstand two straight hits like that (the VAST majority of dinosaurs cannot tank the first hit).

Just not sure what Ludia’s thoughts were here - as any counters you need for it completely neuters the rest of your team.

Personally, I dont think they thought this through on how hard it would hit when max boosted.


100% agree
I think with every new creature ludia test them unboosted.

Damage output is insane and it has enough bulk to survive 2 turns so even without revenge its still going to be able to do that Instant impact.

Like a Pure fierce with 100% distraction for 2 turns :joy:
Thats begging for a rework to be made.


Remove the swap in and lower the stats but higher the crit chance to 25%,change the class to Cunning-Fierce and that’s all


Also remove the distraction ability and swap it for an actual fierce move.


It can become a Cunning Fierce instead


Even still, 100% distraction for 2 turns is not a balanced move tbh.


How about 75% on revenge?


I personally like it for the few scenarios it’s useful in, as most things are resistant to distraction anyways


Or remove all the fierce parts of it like going through shields and armour to make it a cunning that can increase its own damage

Maybe change Basic to Persistent Distraction?

100% is fine btw if you went the fierce/cunning direction, just for the 1 turn would be fine.

2 turns just gives it too much survivability in my opinion.

Only other cunning who can distract for 2 turns is ref who has to swap in to be able to achieve that much distraction.


Agreed. When a creature with no DoT, no rend, and only a .25x counter to bypass armor and remove shields, is capable of beating Ankylos Lux 1 on 1, that’s how you know it does way too much damage.

This is a rework I made. It hinders the absurd stats, adds an actually correct class, and reverses roles for Instant Ferocious Revenge and Distracting Revenge Blow, preventing a 2.25x priority hit on turn 1. It also removes the damage on the counter as it’s unnecessary extra output, and best of all, removes that filthy swap in that doesn’t even contribute to Cevia’s main playstyle.


I faced a lvl 30 FULLY BOOSTED cevia in marshes and even my rexy could take it down

Not meant to put not

Acevia is absolutely broken and the top dino by a mile. It needs an adjustment.


bait the revenge impact with a flock.preferably tarbo cause if it tries to escape it will take a big hit

Something shouldn’t have the ability to kill Indotaurus right after a swap in

Wont work.

Its revenge precise attacks groups. Tarbo dies after doing its instant.


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I thought albertospinus was op cuz it’s able to do 60% dot wkth no cooldown. It’s still broken, just a lot of things are even better which is crazy.

Then I go and see why no one uses it and see albertocevia. That thing is a monster. Ludia needs to nerf op creatures and buff everything for more diversity. Obviously some should be more op than others but this is crazy

No Dino should be able to do over 1400 damage on a swap in with a counter on top of it.

I swear there used to be specific roles in each Dino, but ludia is just having everything combined in one Dino now with on escape, swap in and counter. It’s really annoying