Can we talk a bit about Albertocevia?

You’re talking about boosted creatures vs unboosted creatures - or creatures at lower levels.

My post is specifically talking about Cevia at level 30 - where people have its offense max boosted. At that point, it steamrolls EVERYTHING.


Except in the skill tournament it was still very op and no boosts are allowed there.

  1. Your Rexy is 132 spd or higher or that ACevia wasn’t boosted like the ones in Shores.


  1. It wasn’t a straight up matchup between 2 full health Dino’s on T1.

I’d be interested to know how your Rexy is boosted and what the moves were.


I hope you run into some max boosted ones this weekend. Anyone who has faced the ~6358/3008/131 monsters in PVP knows how unbalanced it is.

You either swap into Ref/Allodri or lose. Sometimes, SR3 can help a little, but not often. If you don’t draw a cunning with a swap-in or priority move, it’s pretty much curtains.

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You write this post, like somehow the dev team somehow does not know. Believe me they knew it when they introduced it. It is deliberate, Why is it deliberate? Because people will buy the DNA to get it up in level and buy boost to put on it. Within a few month it will be nerfed, and the community will have wasted millions of dollars in boosts and DNA purchases. Rinse and repeat and oopsie no refunds for their mistake that needed a nerf.
Post like these give them pretend justification to “nerf” creatures and not give compensation to the player base. This game is not in BETA. It is in its 4th year and this is the business model. It really is fraud if they don’t give compensation.


My version of Albertocevia

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I feel that having a distract 100% for 2 turns +rampage is too much. Isn’t this the same move as in the original?

Yep lol. I renamed them to actually make more sense

Been wondering about the legal ramifications of Ludia/JamCity’s business model.

“Bait and switch” is fraud and they’ve raked in lots of real money doing it. It would be awesome to see a long-time player with a law background, and the time to do so, look into what grounds there might be for a case.

“Even though you invested real time and money into leveling and boosting one of our products, we reserve the right to destroy that product shortly thereafter thusly wiping your investment. You won’t get the time or money back, but we can then further exploit you when returning the boosts at a 50% penalty.

If you put in even more time and money, we can offer you a one-time token to return the boosts you already earned or paid for.” -Ludia/JamCity

At a certain point, this exploited, frustrated player base will collapse, but when?

Also shocking that Universal is still allowing Ludia/JamCity to tarnish their franchise piggybacking movie hype into more exploited money.


Be happy that you have it.

And just saying the swap in has no swap prevent but I’m pretty sure everyone knew that already…

It has swap prevent now iirc. It’s Rexy that has no swap prevention.

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It has swap prevention thankfully, it’s always had that in the span of me using it. If it didn’t you probably would’ve seen a nerf thread for Cevia much earlier.


You would be shocked by how much the gaming industry spends to lobby a certain segment of anti-regulatory leaning politicians to hinder or prevent regulatory legislation, In the past I would say the court route would be a good avenue, but I am not sure about that right now.

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Thats not so much the point. The point is I feel it’s unfair - even if I happen to run it in arena

Nope,if it doesn’t go for its precise revenge on t1,tarbo will survive

Tarbognathus loses regardless, ace has a big bad distracting move so it’s living three hits unless tarbog crits multiple times. It’s not even mind games because ace’s instant impact kills a flock through dodge

It’s isn’t fraud,granted I don’t major in law but the entire gaming industry will collapse because they always nerf things,for example in brawl stars before the update fang was one of the best brawlers in the game but when he got nerfed he became a average brawler,people invested boxes,coins,power points even gears and scrap to upgrade fang,them only giving 50 percent of the boosts is just the penalty,in brawl stars u cant even get your gears and scarp back

Just because you are paying for a digital product, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s fraudulent.

Say I buy a new Tesla for $90k today. Then Tesla updates its software in 4 months to reduce its range by 75%. Tesla then says the only way to increase the range back is to sell the same car back to Tesla for $45k so I can buy a new one…

Just because everyone else on the block is practicing scummy business tactics doesn’t exclude Ludia from fraud liability.

Is there a lawyer on here that could clear this up?

The counter argument is always going to be your not buying specific creatures in the store.

Your mostly buying hard cash and coins and those always perform as advertised.

Even the bundles that cost real money always have an equivalent amount of hc/coins that Ludia can sit back and say we’re the real items in the bundle and any dna is just bonus “free items”

The analogy of going and buy a car or whatever product isn’t the same cause no other products force you to buy into their currency to then purchase their products.

It’s a pretty scummy business strategy but that’s why most games have their own currencies. That’s an uphill battle against a company that has significant resources to fight a legal fight. That could come down to interpretation.

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