Can we talk a bit about Albertocevia?

Yea it does,but honestly wasting aces ferocious move is a plus,because it doesn’t have the ability to one shot something,In pvp I bring out something with low health,thier bring thier ace,they go icr,I switch to tarbo if I have it then I just swap into it,go for Fi,ASI then switch to para tops or something with swap in damage

Exactly. It doesn’t change anything if the product is real or virtual. I also would like to see someone taking them to court for this fraudulent practice.

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Just showed my friend who is a lawyer and they said it isn’t fraud,because you are not buying specific creatures for money,mainly hc and coins,they can just say the dna is a free bonus,it is pretty scummy,but that’s the reason why many games have thier own currency,it will be near impossible to win and u will likely have to pay for the legal fees and will be so down bad that u will likely never be able to post here again,it’s very scummy but technically not illegal


Are you talking about lvl 30 cevias when a lvl 22 rexy can crush apexs like there common?

“Can we talk about Albertocevia?”

We don’t talk about Berto, no, no, no! We don’t talk about Bertoooo!

Sorry I couldn’t help myself :rofl:


It’s cant other than Cera and hadros

I have all the enhancers to the maximum, Albertocevia is a good creature as they say, but if it is enhanced, which has always been the problem in this game, the enhancers, the tricks easily defeat it, nowadays Rexy or Refrenantem are the most game annoyances.

Is it possible to counter this with the title name? E.g.
Ludia: well, in our in game offer the coins were what they were promised, the Rexy DNA was just an extra bonus
Random: then why did you call it the Rexy special