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Can we talk about how good this birds are? (Not a "nerf this" thread)

Argenteryx is excellent! Very recommendable creature for the tournament. I have been taking down teams full of uniques with only the little birdies, yet haven’t faced a single Argent, so if you got it, don’t think twice, use it. Very fun to play with :smiley:


its alright but im pretty sure its bad into the group attacking dinos like skoona/gem. should be viable at the lower level but at the higher levels of the tourney they are better options imo.

These things managed to actually take down my Maxima because they kept distracting, reviving and dodging the whole match and one of my alliance members said one defeated their Indoraptor and Tuora (though defeating Tuora isn’t a hard job). I think their actual weak spots aren’t group attacks as a whole, it’s constantly removing their evasion and high distraction resistance or straight up immunity.


The low tiers, this thing will likely do major damage. High Tiers though… yeah your better off trading this out. Skoona, Orion, Phoru, Spino, SR3, and Testa run rampant. I’ve seen some Magnas as well, along with CompC. So not great top tier choice, but decent mid and lower.

just watch out for skoona it could kill flocks


Spino??? Just curious about this one. They others yes… You’ve seen it a lot?

spinoconsrictor is actually pretty good. magna, spyx and mrhino keep it in check. but constrictor outright beats magnus even on swap in.

Thanks, got lucky so far than :slight_smile: (not seeing them)

I’m using it, and I’ve seen quite a few in my tournament runs. I’ve done minimum around 30-40 battles, if not more, and I see Spino every 3-4.

I’ve jinxed myself… Now seeing them :slight_smile:

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580 points? Get 1000+ and then tell me how they perform