Can we talk about poukedactylus and how it absolutely needs a buff in the next patch?

Right now poukedactylus is the worst unique put there, and it is the only unique with 2k health, like cmon Ludia, how do you not see that as a problem?

Next its moveset isn’t that great, especially that sideflap move which is Bassically a glorified sidestep with a taunt. And heres where we also run into a problem…A CREATURE WITH ONLY 2k HEALTH SHOULDNT HAVE A TAUNT FOR RAIDS!
This thing having a taunt allows it to get absolutely demolished by the enemy team in raids, it takes one creature with a resilent move to just outright kill it.

I’d like to also talk about it’s attack and resistances, in reality it only has 783 because it both relies on the counter attack, and it ligit only has 2 attacks which both do only 1x dmg. At this moment poukedactylus only resistant is a 50% distraction. My question is where did the imunity to stun go? Poukaideia had a immunity to stun but now it doesn’t? A super hybrid is supposed to be an improvement on the previous creature, not worse.

Lastly i have some ideas on how to fix it:
-For starters it obviously needs a health buff
-Next the sideflap needs to be changed, mabey instead add in a sheild and take out the speed boost, it makes sense because the tupudactylus has a shield
-either the attack needs to be buffed by alot, or give it some kind of group ferocity move of some sort so it benefits the team, and itself
-return the immunity to stun back and give it an 75% resistant to swap prevention so it can at least be able to escape with it’s life in pvp

Overall this creature was probably one of the worst ones Ludia added to the game and it needs a huge buff, not to mention one of the ingredients is an exclusive creature.

I also added my revised version of it using the JWA Creature maker.


You’re not supposed to taunt resilient moves with it. I agree that it could do with more HP, but 100% dodge is the next best thing to invincibility as far as damage mitigation goes, and I think it could be really useful, especially when paired with Distraction, that Poukandactylus also uses.
It would also be excellent against Defense-shattering moves.

Well of course you wouldn’t taunt resistant creatures, but the point i was trying to make that any resilience creature can almost one shot it, if it could just be improved im sure it would be great for raids

Pouka, antarctoven, skoona, entelolania, DCsaurus…Ludia hasn’t created a viable unique since 1.13 with mammolania.


Its the sad truth, but tbh i saw antarctovet’s moveset and its not that bad, pretty viable for raids tbh, the same with skoon, viable for raids, but not rlly pvp

I LOVE the design on this critter, and I really want to use her in the arena.

I have yet to see anyone actually use her anywhere - arena or raids. She desperately needs a buff, in attack, health and returning the stun resistance which Poukadei has. Given how common resilient moves are, no unique dino should be relying on distraction AND dodge in all of their moves. Even Dracocerato has a cleansing move to help out.

The only moves it has that are somewhat good for raids are Cunning Strike and Distracting Rampage, and lots of other creatures have better.

Skoonasaurus is definitely viable in raids though.

I’d rather use Orion with it’s nullifying counter versus Antarc. Antarc needs a counter like it’s parents.

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Here’s the think about poukendactylus, it lacks 2 important things: immunities and stats. Its speed is perfect. A small boost in damage would be what it could use, but what the doctor orders is a pile of hp, and the stats you used are great with maybe a boost of damage. But the moveset is PHENOMINAL. In 3 turns, it has the ability to take 1/6 of your turn 1 damage total. The kit should stay, but the stats need love. it shouldn’t be getting 1-shot by creatures like spyx

That is true, tbh it really just needs the health is what its lacking, its the least thing they could do, but i would still like it if the sideflap came with a sheild too, it easily gets beaten by resiliant creatures and a sheild for even 1 turn would make a difference, and tupuandactylus has a sheild so y not

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I used her once on Lux instead of Maxima and she miraculously did a great job on tanking thing there. Yeah, she even survived the raid in the end.

As for PVP, she suffer a lot against those big resilient creatures and even some cunnings. Hec, even some fierce like Thor that she should completely counter it because she lost stun resistance from poukaidei.

I definitely agree on she need more health and some resistance to gain more upper hand.

But I noticed one thing and those counter attackers shared in common, they barely have a useful resistances. :frowning:


watch poukandactylus beccome the next monomimus. then when its attack and health and speed and everything else is reduced to zero, the team at ludia wakes up

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except the counter correct?

No, the counter should stay. That’s why the damage could stay like 1300 and it would still be scary with x1 multipliers

can we at least improve its counter?
Make it not only nullify, but slow/remove shields?

I did, mammotherium with the buff one shot it…

It doesn’t though, it has armor piercing counter

And not one of them have been buffed or reworked yet either. Plus how many of those use exclusives? Crazy.

The counter is fine as is. Antarctovenator needs a damaging counter

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At this point I’ve found a single use for my newly hatched l21 unboosted one. It was a better option than my other l27/l28 choices that kept falling to the random rampage against cera boss last week to round out the group of four. Despite getting stunned several times, damage was so low it never got knocked out completely and all four made it through to the end. I’m guessing it will come in handy against mortem, but don’t really see very many other ways to use it currently. How the designers thought it was balanced with such low stats and little immunity is a head scratcher.

i was talking about venator