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Can we talk about the only unfair alliance mission- DBIs?

Summary up top: Why is there 1 mission that requires unique individual contribution but none others? And why is it the most hotly contested and disagreed upon and in many cases least fun part of your game? Please remove the daily battle incubator requirement from the daily alliance missions.

Longer version

As people like @Wwwoodchuck and @Kristi have shown me, a few people can do an awful lot to carry alliance missions. Chuck is an insane darter, Kristi is the supply drop super hero, and as for me I’m the battle guy.

We dont mind helping our alliance out. We focus on aspects of the game we enjoy and carry each other in aspects we don’t (I can’t stand darting). When I first formed this alliance my goals were to play with family (I accomplished that but you killed it ludia) and to get a diverse set of people in my alliance so we can support each others play styles.

We are all different. We all enjoy different parts of the game. Isn’t the goal of a group of people to be able to help each other out? Someone in my alliance certainly said it well this morning “I wish I could battle for those who dont like to battle.” Others can dart for me, can spin drops for me, can collect DNA for me - I can do battles and collect coins for them - so why is this the only sticking point? Surely your data shows that most alliances are x/x-1 e.g. 5/4 or 4/3. DBI is why.

Either remove it, reduce it by 75%, or give us another way to get it.

It’s totally stupid that I can cap us on battles a full 2 days before we get the DBI requirement met - especially since other missions don’t work this way.

How many incentives (read: things in addition to the main idea of it) do you have for other area of your game? A short evaluation of this will tell a lot:

Darting - fulfills alliance missions (primary: dna)
Strike towers - alliance missions (primary: DNA, coins)
Supply drops - hard cash, scents, sanctuary stuff (primary: darts)
Arena - primary: season rewards, incubators. Secondary:

Exclusive dna

See which has the most incentives? Yet still its the part of the game hated the most. Fix that (different topic - you are literally killing your own customer base) but first: address this dang unfair and only one of it’s kind DBI mission requirement!


I would interject that if they fixed matchmaking, people would not fear/hate battling and therefore would be able to do their DBI’s in a reasonable amount of matches w/out all the rage.


This problem predates, but was exacerbated by, the matchmaking.

It’s the only alliance quest like this. It needs to be changed - or let me get unlimited DBIs :smiling_imp: After all - there’s no limit to incubators bought, supply drops spun, or DNA darted…


Actually… sds cap the gold and hc you get from them - yet you can spin em all day.

What if DBIs were the same? Cap the boosts you get per day from them but - let us open as many as we want.



I gotta agree with the op here… it really is the only mission like this. Allowing us to look at ranks for all trophies gives us a look at some of the numbers.

2300 trophies last season was worth 112k rank last season. This seasons its worth 84k… thats alot less people. And of that 84k between 2300-top of leadboard only half of them played during the first 3 days of the season.

This shows the that there is a large percentage of this games pop that are not daily battlers. Some of them most likely never where. Some are a result of 1.7/1.8.


It wont help the high rank people looking for a match but i wish you could just battle ai if you chose to. No trophies. Just a way to get dbi. If you dont want it unlimited give us 1 ai token in each free incubator. That means most can get 2 to 3 free ai battles and maybe it will help encourage more battles.

One problem is some are too high because of the droppers and the trophy tourney before 1.8. So now they are fighting higher people because they are in an area above where they belong. They dont want to lose their trophies for the monthly season rewards so they fight once and call it a month

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Season are based on highest trophies earned not where you end up… you can drop from 6k all the way down to 2k if inclined and still earn the 6k rewards.

Yeah, but for someone at 4800 knowing you should be about 4000 or less you do your 1 battle. You lose. At least you have your active record set. No sense to lose more and set yourself in a hole for next month. Hence the play once a month.

If they would fix the matchmaking instead of selling boosts with which are the main cause for people’s hatred of the arena, maybe just maybe more players will go back to the arena more. Until then the arena is avoided entirely and often dreaded. Personally I will do everything else for my alliance but will not do arena. I hate the arena with a passion


Don’t get me wrong, I agree w/ OP that DBI is the only mission of its kind - all I’m saying is if people weren’t avoiding the arena like the plague (aka if matchups were fair), it wouldn’t be such a pain to sit down and just do it.


yep, this task is bizarre. i do my daily and can’t do anything to help that other than sit and wait members do it too.

but about battling… i would battle a lot more without this new crazy matchmaker. AND spend more efforts to upgrade my team too.


dbi is the ez one… get rid of the incubator one… its going to take us forever!!!

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DBI is not that problematic. Battles and incubators are. DBI can be stepping stone from rank 2 to 3 if not everybody opens dailies. Then only incubators and battles are problematic. You need 4 days to complete 2000 incubators and 4000 battles (rank 4) in time.

Still can’t understand the logic that we need 2000 takedowns and 4000 battles. You can take two or three dinos each battle, while battle is only one, except friendlies.

Only flaw in the highest score is it is only good for a month than if you really drop from 6000 to 2000 you have to fight to get back to where you were

TLDR: As the Meta changes, so should more aspects of the game. Missions need to change with the meta.

Boosts and Matchmaking; users either love them or hate them. But for whatever reason, something has driven many players from using what once was half of the original game: Arena. I take the time to look over alliances in the search for alliance function. Most alliances have 25% to 30% of the alliance with zero trophies currently. Some have half the alliance or more with zero, and yes, some remove those zero players each week to find ‘active’ members so show as ‘full’ of active players.

This indicates that the change in the meta changed the way users play the game. Perhaps the time has come for Ludia to look over user numbers and the way the change in meta has affected user game play. Update missions to reflect this change.

And no, I really do not expect Ludia to actually even think about this. They have no plan on placating the user base in any way. The Battle and DBI requirements will stay in the missions regardless of users doing them or not.

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DBI’s are unique as it really requires alliance participation.
In a way I kinda like it.
You can tell the great alliances from the good ones by what their hold ups are.
If total battles are the hold up and DBI’s are a non-issue, you know everyone is putting in an effort.

Glad we have diverse opinions here.

My point is not to argue though whether it shows good vs great alliances (why did we care? Not this convo anyway) or difficulty vs others (not this convo), or whether people played more before/will play more after (it’s always been a problem) - my point is:

It’s the only one setup this way and that’s wrong.