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Can we talk about velosracos?

This creature is good without boosts, but when you add in the boosts, you kinda just get a monster that destroys cunnings and fierces alike. i know that its supposed to counter fierce, but this thing counters other cunnings really well. Tbh im just ranting because i lost a battle 0-3 to a level 16 boosted velo, and the dude literally yawned after. Like who does that!? So rude. D: Anyway, rant about your overpowered epic encounters here. By the way, this was on my alternate account, not my main one. I hope i never encounter a op velo in aviary.

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honestly, i didn’t think of velosracos as that strong. it might be very good as an epic, but it is very much shot down by resilient. i’ve used it in friendly matches. great damage potential, but armor and slow shut it down hard.


yeah, but its all about the draw, if you get a full fierce and cunning team, youre kinda just screwed.

Can be strong, especially in tournaments, but nonetheless has plenty of clear and effective counters. That’s balanced in my book.


i akin it close to Phorusaura with back to back rampages. but there are definitely things within its own rarity and below that can take it on. you can’t really do anything about RNG giving you nothing to deal with it, but that isn’t a creature problem.


i have a boosted velos and it is my counter for legendary fierce dinosaurs

but my velos is very weak to resilient dinosaurs