Can we talk NodopatoTitan?


Seriously, great dinosaur, but it’s sort of like a toothless alligator.

How is something so massive that it can cause the earth to shake unable to do any damage on… anything? I think it needs a hair of rebalancing there? A damage buff? Perhaps an armor piercing move? I mean, our sauropod friends are all being overlooked in arena due to poor kits. I think changing to the pinning strike thing was thinking in the right direction for sauropods, but I think they need something a little more unique – like what you did with superiority strike.

Let’s call it earthquake. Something that does big damage or has a high crit chance or maybe stuns? I don’t know. They just seem pretty toothless at the moment. They couldn’t squash a thing.


It looks lame because stegodeus is too good. All tanks except Stegodeus cannot squash a thing.


It’s got 40% armour and two types
of shields but without more damage it can’t stand up to anything.


Agreed. Gigaspika and nodopatotitan need a little rebalancing. Sauropods represent yo!

Plus, a good way to handle the OP nature of stegod is to dilute the options.


I’ve adored giraffatitan from the off because of its beautiful animation and I was so happy when I saw she had a hybrid. This is such disappointing news that the hybrid is weak! :frowning:


I’m still trying to find more Titan to dart. Even in their zone I rarely see them, doesn’t help when every fuse is giving me 10 dna. :rofl:


Ill make 1 just because but Its meh. I faced 1 head to head with my giga and I won bu a wide margin.


I like that Earthquake idea. Feel like they wouldn’t use that because of Pokémon, though. Maybe Quake, or Tremor?


Pretty sure in future update they will do it. Dunno when but sooner or later. The idea is to keep buffing and nerfing so we players always have something to do with the game


hes popular with the ladies thats about it😂


@Pateradactyl :joy::sweat_smile:


If you weren’t comparing it to the broken stegodeus it would be a lot more attractive


I faced one today, and kind of felt bad that my tyrostronix took it out in two hits.


No need to feel bad mate, if tryistronix can’t take out an opponent within 2-3 turn, he’s ded :wink: