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Can we update the park events?


I think there should be a minor change to the number of times we can hunt for RARE dinosaurs. We have 12 chances with COMMON encounters. 3 with EPIC but also 3 with the RARE encounters. I think that we should have 6 chances with RARE event dinosaurs. Minor change that could help a little bit more and i think that would balance them out and be more fair.


Gets my support!!!


Agreed, would make a lot more sense and improve the event


I agree. I got my Carnotaurus with two strikes today - but for beginners, 6 strikes would be better. That would be fair.


I may be in the minority, but I don’t understand the point to limiting the dailies/events. If someone is willing to go chase down the critters, let them play!


The part of me that wants the indominus agrees with you, but logic says otherwise. For epics to remain epics, you can’t have unlimited attempts at them. I could entertain the idea of having up to 6 chances at an epic, but no more than that. As for commons, sure, I think commons don’t really need the limit.


I also have another suggestion, specially for epics but also rares if possible. Once we have completed the event, I wish they stopped spawning, because it feels so annoying to have a T-Rex right in front of you and not be allowed to shoot darts at her. And you are looking around your map to see interesting spawns, you see an orange circle on the floor and you get excited with the idea of an epic, and then you realize it’s just the event dinosaur you can’t get anymore and it’s very frustrating. Just make it so we can’t see them once the event is completed so we can continue with normal gameplay.


My thinking was since the mob was only available for 24hrs, it was already fairly limited. I’m still fairly new and learning the mechanics, so maybe I misunderstood the point/process of the dailies.


That would make it too easy to level up… Few hours of catching them would get you a level 20+ dinosaur if you have the coins