Can you collect all creatures?

Has anyone already done it?
And would it be possible, eventually, without battles/events?

It’s a goal of me, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible. Especially when you don’t spend hours and hours into the game or have the team to win battles.
I’m a new poster on this forum, but I’ve read a lot in the past. I also play the game since the start, but with big breaks in between. I’ve accomplished things, but I never seem to get anywhere. If I look at the battles and events I just drop out again because I’ll never make it.

A few days ago I paused my VIP-subscription because it all felt impossible, my park is a mess and I have no clue what I’m doing or where to go next. Now I’m already doubting it and miss the game, haha.
I just want to have fun collecting all the creatures, I’m not interested in endless battles. I play the game for fun, and to relax after a stressful day. I’ve been reading about line-ups and ferocity and calculations and tactics, but it just demotivates me and feels so complicated.

I’m a patient player, every new dino or new evolution is a win for me. But I do get the feeling I’ll never make it till the end, even with all the patience of the world. Can you guys tell me if it’s possible or not?

Thanks for reading!


Hello and welcome to the Forums! I’d say it is possible to collect them all even as a casual player but you’d have to wait relatively much longer than you would have to as a grinder. You do not need to fear the ferocity formula and data (credit to @Sionsith for those) threads; they’re made to help you progress safely as well as comfortably in the game so if you give them a cautious read you would get an insight on how to carry on forward.

Do you have all of the lower rarity creatures unlocked? If you don’t have certain ones unlocked unfortunately you will not get that opportunity (at least for the foreseeable future) instead can collect copies of those creatures from events, spin wheels, packs and from Boss vs Boss through Amber or as direct rewards. However the Tournament creatures and hybrids, etc are all definitely obtainable with enough patience.

Additionally could you please post your battle team so that we could help you out to not fear the battle events as much as you do now? Thanks!


Thank you.
That’s also something: still not having some common/rare creatures unlocked. So that will never happen? Only getting the creatures themselves?

I’ve been reading the threads you’re mentioning but they make it worse, haha. Like: if you have to learn this or take all those things into account then I’ll never be able to get anywhere. Just too much hassle. I want to relax while playing and it seems like a lot of trouble.

This is my current line-up:

What kind of grind are you talking about? What do you guys do to get all the dinos?


I’m not sure, but most come from events and locked creatures from amber, but idk if this is the fastest way…


Hmm that looks pretty unbalanced. To balance up you need to have a good amount of your top creatures having similar ferocity to each other and also note there should be enough from all 4 classes.

By grind we mean finishing all daily events, missions, etc. Even as a casual player you can unlock Tournament creatures and hybrids, but the latter would need a lot of resources which is relatively difficult without grinding. Difficult but not impossible.

Yes for certain Commons, Rares, etc that are locked we won’t get opportunities to unlock them anytime soon; only solution to collect is from the other mentioned ways.


Yeah, I can imagine it is. It’s just what I’ve been collecting from battles stages, prize drops, vip packs etc. But I guess it’s also the reason why I get stuck in battles. Anything I can do about it with the resources I have?

I also have another question: I was looking at the yearly VIP subscription because of the prize. But I’m kinda scared of buying it and then the game shuts down for whatever reason. What would happen then? Do people here have the yearly subscription?


Just wondering, are there any perks to getting vip that involves getting locked creatures? Im pretty sure no…
Maybe get it on the 1 week trial for the 50k vip creatures, then that’s it? Idk any strats


I’m not sure about the perks of signing up, but I know many peoples strategy of timing when to get vip or at least the trial is to time it with a VIP tournament so they can get the VIP creature and double the LP for the reward which I believe comes out to 3900 LPs.


After the 7 day trial, is there a way to cancel it or do you have to pay?
Like during it is there a way to use the trial without paying after?


@Bandeezee I don’t think that works when you already had VIP.
And even if it did I don’t have the dinos for a tournament.

I’ve had VIP for a while, just paused it a few days ago but without VIP it feels even less fun. Thought I would stop playing but it keeps pulling me back. I just want to have all the creatures :laughing:
So I’m thinking of doing a year subscription and see what can happen in a year. But I don’t want to lose money.

@Acrocanthosaurus I believe it just ends if you don’t sign up for a normal subscription, but don’t know if anything has been changed about it. You won’t get far in a week tho.


@CenBie welcome to the forums !

For starters get some tournament legendaries to max level, tourney hybrids to 20 and legendary hybrids to 31 for balance

Take your time as this will require at lot of DNA.

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Thanks. I’ll look into what’s possible, and re-arrange my park so I maybe have a clue what I’m doing :laughing: And I guess being a VIP again is in order as well, haha.


To get to this:

Is currently impossible unless you unlocked the lower rarities before they were banished from unlock events and were restricted to the Amber market or grinding for copies.

To get to something like this:

Is possible even if you have creatures that are locked. If you are a causal player it will take a very long time, less time as a causal VIP player, less time as a non VIP grinder, and the least amount of time as a VIP grinder. But all of them will take time.


Thank you. Looking good!
Can you give some insights on what you have to do if you are a casual VIP player vs a VIP grinder? Why would it be ‘easier’ as a non VIP grinder vs casual VIP? I thought VIP always made it easier.

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If you are causally playing you are getting benefits of the VIP but a non VIP grinder will make up for not having the membership by shear volume of playing PvP. Now if you do the same thing as a VIP grinder there is no amount of playing a non VIP member can do to keep pace.


Thanks again. I guess I have to spend more time in the battles if I want to achieve something :sweat_smile:
For now I’ve re-arranged my park for a better idea of what I’m doing. And I’ll re-activate my VIP again for some extra help, I’m not ready yet for the grinding I think, haha. It’s also time for some battle strategies and see what dinos I need to focus on.


The 50k creatures will be extremely difficult to obtain as a non-VIP. I think the only way is to unlock the Diamond Fidelity Prize Wheel, and that’s going to take a ton of Dinobucks. And every once in a while Ludia may gift players with one like the did at 12 Days of T-rexmas with Stygimoloch about 3 years ago


Ah ok, so that’s when I joined. My account is pretty old then, so apparently I’m a post-reshuffle player too, I joined when my friend told me about the Stygimoloch promotion. I became like lvl 40 and I remember when mods were different and when indom was the only strong creature.
Got indom lvl 10, was obliterating battles, but then the game got boring so I didn’t rejoin until a few months ago. Happy that I did rejoin though


As an addition to all that, with hope of giving an aspect, I’ve been playing almost for two years and 2 days from now will be my 15 months as a VIP. Never regret it personally, cumulating reward system is really motivating. Bad thing that you have to start over if you want to give it a break at some point. Those perks coming with each month just dissapear sadly and you need to start from scratch next time. But I can easily consider myself as VIP grinder in around the classes that Master Sion named, even if I’m on a plateau for the last couple of weeks but the folks have already observed the peak development on my line up. I’m still far from having “all” creatures at least one copy at their max, but I can easily say that I also have many locked ones at their max too.

Playing time is all that matters, but having VIP puts you on a pair of wings, that’s all. 🪶

Welcome to the club yet again. :v:t2:

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I have a feeling Ankylosaurus Gen2 is going to be this year’s last day of TrexMas

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