Can you collect all creatures?

Thanks all for the input.

I’ve also had some time that battles were pretty fun, and then somehow I got left behind or something, because now I can’t win anything anymore and it’s no fun that way.
But yeah, I do miss the game and playing without VIP isn’t that much fun, so I guess it’s back to VIP and see what we can do. It’s sad that you lose all your progress if you cancel and don’t go back immediately (smart, but sad, haha).
The only question that’s left then is: monthly or yearly? I’ve always had monthly in case I wanted to quit, or the game quitted, but yearly is cheaper in the end. What do you guys have?

And are there any suggestions on creatures that would help tremendously with the battle system? Maybe I can focus on them then for the near future and hopefully find the fun in battling again to get forward. Or any other tips/tricks?

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I often still use my weak creatures for battles, it is possible to make it more fun

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What is the 12 day of Trexmas? I just started this year. I keep hearing about it though on forums so, I’m pretty curious.


Basically in Christmas, ludia gives rewards like “12 days of T-Rexmas” kind of like “12 days of christmas”. If you log in every day during that time period, you can get rewards.


Ludia’s annual winter celebration, typically celebrated by increased Hot Times, and Daily Gifts to players working their way up to a large prize on day 12 (Christmas Day, I believe). We’ve seen Stygimoloch, Mastodon, and Brachiosaurus as the big prizes the last three years. Here is some discussion from last year


You didn’t get left behind, you progressed the front of your team to quickly when compared to the rest of your lineup. Your front 2 creatures are considerably out farther then the rest of your lineup causing the perception of you being left behind. The working theory is that your top three creatures drives the difficulty of the game in conjunction with your level.

Meaning there is a certain difficulty as a base associated with your level. So level say 80 will have easier battles than level 90 and so on up to level 99. These thresholds of difficulty are fairly low throughout the levels and most players don’t notice them because the other factor in determining difficulty is the top of their lineup. This is what is most likely driving your difficulty. You have three options in front of you:

  1. The nuclear option is to sell your top two creatures. Which lower the average strength of your top three creatures considerably there by making the future battles you face easier when compared to what you are getting now.
  2. Do not add to the top three creatures in terms of strength and bring as many creatures as possible to just below their strength, think a paddock full of level 1 Indoraptors these will add to your difficulty slightly as I believe they will be stronger than your current third creature but will be close enough to your current top three to not change the difficulty in all of the battles you face much at all.
  3. Option three is some combination of one and two, like selling the Indoraptor and just making some level ones of it and keeping your Indominus while bring as many other creatures up to your new top three.
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@Sionsith Thanks for the explanation, I understand it a bit better now. I guess for now option 1 is the easiest to progress the quickest? Sell those 2 and then do battles and things with the others to collect more dinos.

Will some level 1 Indos hurt if I sell the top Indo and Indominus? To have some more options to fight with? And it’s only the top 2? The level 31 Indominus isn’t a problem?

And how do I know when I can progress to a new level 10 Indo or level 40 Indominus?

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I see a lot of people getting lvl 1 i raptor armies, and each one has like 3.5k hp and 1.8k dmg, I’m not sure if this would benefit but maybe sell the lvl 10 i raptor and the lvl 40 indom to get lvl 1 indoraptor armies, then upgrade the unayrhynchus (cant spell) to make the lineup balanced? I’m really not sure but thats the best thing I can think of…

Here is your top 16 creatures graphically:
This is to better illustrate how far out in front your top two are. I have also placed some markers to help guide you on which ever decision you want to make.

Here is an older scale that is important to keep in mind in terms of creature strengths:

and this was my lineup back in July:

Notice there is no steep drop off and the only real drop offs I have are due to creature limits, like Amphibians I litterally
Cant make anythign stronger.


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Wow, that makes things more clear, thank you!
I did sell my top 2 creatures … but I also got 3 Indos level 1 instead… that wasn’t the best idea either then :sweat_smile: But maybe it can work out if I work on the other creatures, it’s at least less ferocity than what I had…

So the 1x Health + 3.2x Attack is a way to calculate the ferocity of every creature? Maybe I’ll try to make something like this then for my own creatures to have a better idea where I am.


Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, the spreadsheet has a bunch of info.

Thanks. True, I know that one but haven’t done that much with it. Will look into it again :slight_smile: