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Can you create a Unique without having one of its components reaching lv20


This is a great event: It helped me to create Erlidom and I’m a few steps away from creating Tryko!!!

I will probably have four attempts left to dart Dioraja…But my Rajakylosaurus is only on lv18
So the question is would game let you create a Unique if one of its components is below lv20

  • If yes I will have four attempts on darting Dioraja.
  • If not I will probably concentrate on leveling up either Erlidom or Tryko (or both)

Please advise


yes you can create it without having the components at the required level

why dioraja? :S


Yes, you can! In fact, some players already hacked the game to do so.


You can create it, but you’ll need to get the components to 20 before you’ll be able to fuse more on it to level it.


I see :slight_smile: good luck than


Why Diiraja?
Because only that one will be left out of five uniques available on St Paddy’s Sunday
…or I can concentrate on leveling up Indoraptor, Thor, Erlidom or Tryko


You mean …components to lv 20 before further level up right (29 was probably a typo)


Thanks man

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Everyone’s going to do it in a couple of days. Erlidominus and/or Trykosaurus on every team

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Yep it was a typo. :sweat_smile:


ludia has become santa claus, no need to spend money except vip…

2 reasons:

1st free epic and unique events every month plus alliance mission rewards…
2nd too sensitive but everybody knows it is about fairness

just be patient everyone will have 30 unique teams.

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This also reduces wait times for higher level players, so people are less likely to Arena drop and is an effective counter to cheaters.


Of course my brother you can create Unique dinosaur without lvl 20, but I think it’s a ban motive, already ludia published if I’m not mistaken, I have there to create the indoraptor, because it has been in 3-4 unique events I think, but I do not have the raptor at 20, only erlidominus, so I do not create her for fear of ban


? They are not going to ban you for darting something. Don’t worry about that.


I agree. They wouldn’t have allowed darting five uniques