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Can you explain this please?!?

Indominus level 19.


Someone did really well darting indo the two times it was an event dino?

My best guess is some REALLY good aim alongside the extended battery. Get as much points as possible for the Indo, then get the rest from the easier to obtain Indominus.

It had to just be really good aim.

I think the point the OP was making was that you can’t fuse for indo until IRex is level 20.

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An that player is only level 11, so I am not sure if he can get 125+ DNA each event. Or might be previous event he played only at lower level and still managed to get 50+ and then got 200 this event?

But I know that there is a cap for darting DNA and increased by each level. At my level 17, Epic max dart DNA is 330 and I think Unique will be around 275. So at level 11 he likely can have 200 DNA max for Unique.

So its seems really weird to me that he darted 250 DNA.

I just replied with a normal comment but post got hidden. Really Ludia?

Only level 11 a as well, wow that player did really well darting indo, fair play to them. I’ve been playing since launch, missed the first indo due to illness, managed to do it today, only got 41 non vip, I missed a few silly ones

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At lvl 19, max dna from a direct hit to a unique is 20 (4 less than the 24 you can get from an epic). If we use the same math, max dna from a direct hit to a unique for a lvl 11 player would be 12 (4 less than the 16 they can get on an epic).

If all 15 darts hit direct hit, that’s 180 dna. Then consider they last time indo was an event dino, they were likely a lower level.

That’s some incredible aim.

I edited my post to fix my math and it got auto-hidden.

Lol, they don’t like it when you do this. Personal experience talking :rofl:

It’s impossible. With only level 11 to dart 250 counting the 2 events. Because in the first one he could be level 2…

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Excellent darting and been really lucky with incubators …

wasn’t there also some incubators you could purchase with Indoraptor DNA in them? Possible he just purchased the DNA along with the darting.

That has to explain it. Good aim combined with lucky incubators.

Or it’s just a cheater. When Ludia released indoraptor for the first time (in the beginning of the summer), cheaters could get unlimited attempts to dart any event dino.
And if course Ludia knew about it and didn’t do anything. Moreover, they released more and more legendary dinos.

Here’s the topic: Cheaters proof

I’m hoping to get my own soon, I rex is at 20, now it’s just the push for raptor to get to level 20, currently level 18

last month, from an epic incubator, I got one DNA for indo.

Definetely a hacker. Or opened too many incubators.