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Can You Finish This Crossword?


Hello DPG Members!

Can you finish this Jurassic World Alive themed crossword without looking up the answers? Let us know how you did in the comments below.

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  1. Incubator

  2. Darts

  3. Protection

2. Superhybrid
3. Abilities
5. Creature
6. Drone

Note that I flagged my own post so that others don’t have the puzzle spoiled for them

What happened to @Keith?
Asking the REAL questions.
EDIT: Just noticed this is the first Keith’s Corner since Feb 2019.
Time flies

  1. Incubator
  2. Superhybrid
  3. Movements
  4. Protection
  5. Creature
  6. Drone
  7. Darts

I am hanging out in DnD and JWTG sections of the forum now. @Eugene in the meantime is looking after Keith’s corner.


Give us something more challenging next time, maybe something about certain creatures, moves or JWA’s past

So just to be clear it’s still your corner?
Last thing we need now is a turf war with this Eugene guy.

It will keep my name for now, but @Eugene has my approval.

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Thank you @Keith. I hope to bring honor to your corner.

Now I can finally say, Thank you for the Eleven :laughing:

I can’t find some words on it. Like where was “Nerf cautious strike” on this crossword. Is it just me or can I not find it.