Can you fix connection issues plz

I have done 5 battles in a row all of which have connection issues. I know the issue isn’t on my end as a game restart fixes the issue just with enough time for me to be 1 dino down and lose. This last time i didn’t even bother reconnecting as i know it will just be another loss so it is better that i take this time to write a post. One of the matches didn’t say connection issue but instead showed both dinos we picked and wouldn’t bring up the moveset of my dinos. Instead it just sat there and i just let it sit there for a good 20 seconds until i was sure it wasn’t going to bring up my moveset and i missed the full round. Spoiler i restarted the game with 1 dino down and lost.

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I’m sorry that is happening, Dbustos. If you have both the mobile and WiFi network enabled on your device, try disabling one of them and see if that helps improve the connection in the game.

Thanks @Ned my phone automatically turns off mobile data if it is on Wi-Fi. Do you think i should be turning it on airplane mode and then turning WiFi back on? I can try that if you think it will help but my mobile data is already off.

I told my kids not to say “sorry” when they don’t keep the promise to change it.
Updates after updates, bugs, glitches in this game NEVER IMPROVE, worst of all, is Adding MORE and MORE.
Now even supply stops can bounce back and disallow u to collect, every darting ended the game needs to RELOAD or REFRESH to get the map back…


Does the boss of Ludia play this game?

How on earth they expect players to endure all these nonsense and play happily? And they expect all of us to PAY for the game?

Those who pay, i urge u to STOP.
Those with VIP, i urge u to CANCEL.

Only then, the team will improve.

Hey Dbustos, that is worth trying. However, if you’re still having connection issues after doing that, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with your support key, and our team can take a closer look as well. :slight_smile:

I am not trying to be sarcastic, but i assure u that whatever the moderator advise are useless.
They are not to be blamed, is the incompetent team behind that should, if they work under my company, be sack immediately.
Regardless u turn wifi on, data on, glitches and bugs and game hanging NEVER END.
No solutions, they just wanted to use the CHEAPEST COST to make the best revenue.
This company has no quality concern with customers.
Sorry but i can no longer endure my frustration with all these nonsense after SOOOOO MANY UPDATES…
Just a bunch of lazy and incompetent team.