Can you fix my team?

My team is getting to 4750ish cups then dropping back 100 cups what should I do? Any new creatures I should work towards? How to use my team in aviary eg… what starters and finishers I should use. So here it is….

Its jsut a matter of working towards better creatures and leveling up. Smilon isnt that good. Id work on getting dilorach to replace it.

Thank you a lot I will work towards dilo

I suggest saving your coins. Works for me, im rich with coins

You need a Rexy in there my team is similar to yours, a swap-in damage is also needed

Thank you for the tips.

Thank you I will try to do that

4750 is not bad at all with this team! You will level-up and boost-up overtime so you will naturally reach higher results, not necessarily a bad team selection or anything.

How does Smilo work for you? If she’s underperforming compared to the rest of the team, you can give Draco a shot to make some sacrifice plays for the last 40% health if up against an annoying creature, and see how that works for you.

Yeah she is :cry: but should I go indominus rex for that or Draco, Draco seems like a risk.

Might give a shot to Indo as well yeah. Or maybe add a flock, like tarbogh or coelhaast, it’s a relatively safe starting option, if you need more stability there

Do you have giganyx from the AC/Pass?

I don’t want to disappoint you, but the reality is that you can hardly achieve 5000+ trophies with the current roster or change a few positions. Through many battles, I’ve noticed that the majority of detachments in the low Library - high Aviary must be at an average level of 26 or higher. So it may take many months before you can leave the current arena.
My advice is based on 4 months experience (when I unlocked all Apexs) to get out of the Aviary arena and another 8 months (when I hit Apex max level 30) to gain Gyrophere. If you want to play long, enough time and have ambitions to achieve a high number of trophies, then I recommend you to level player to 20, join an alliance that can help you complete raids. Also save your coins and boosts. In my current alliance, it’s very easy for many player after unlocking Apexs to hit the 5000+ trophies. Unless you invest a lot of money, I think that powerful epics or legends can make you stronger but won’t get you far.