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Can you fix the shields bug?

Ok,just to be sure if the team is working on some bugs which actually annihilate all the fun at the lasts levels…
The instant invincibility:It is write one turn but actually last 2…ardentis and tryko can have a long invincibility to the price of an instant invincibility…So they need a rebalance (Huge nerf in their stats/kit) but with these bugs,they are among unbeatable
The long invincibility : It is write 2 turn but actually last 3…quetzorion,he already have speed but even if he start with this and you don’t have a shield breaker,its game over.
If you can’t do something clear then,don’t say one turn but one attack…on these 2 cases,there is no counter attack

Can the dev team do something?it is urgent,almost a bug exploit

And for all those which could think there is no problem:
A turn start when you decide an action and end before the next decision.Simple

I’ll let @Qaw do the explaining. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Yea long invincibility can last for 3 turns cause sometimes the bots are fools and they heal when they don’t need too like the stygimoloch strike earlier and things like this can happen

Yes that’s a lvl 21 quetzorion with a attack and health boost that took the entire strike down on its own (only took damage once)

As always haha

I suggest reading Release Notes again. What “turn” is has changed. This isn’t a bug

Actually the move description says that Long Invincibility now lasts for 3 turns, which is correct.
However, it only lasts for 2 attacks, and by “attack” they mean a directly-damaging move. If your opponent uses something like Cleansing Swoop then the shield won’t count it as an attack.

So if you use 2 damaging moves against the Quetzorion, the shield will last for 2 turns, if you use a number lower than that it’ll last for 3 turns.

Then as i say change turn to number of attack.
Shields shoudl’nt be abused.
If they can block 2 attack,then its clearly OP and need a nerf

It’s op and needs a nerf indeed, but isn’t a bug