Can you fix your server on PVP?


Today i decided to play in the Arena, The first round had a problem it lags for some reason, so i checked my wifi and nothing was wrong with it, it works well on videos and other games that i diagnosed and so i considered it as a fluke, i got stunned 3 times, then when i use ankylocodon it had a bug when i faced agaisnt stegosaurus. im damn well immune to its slows so no matter what he cant have a second turn, but guess what? he did. it like i wasnt immune at all, annoying bug. long story short the opponent keeping getting crits. but then the second round WAS THE SAME, MORE BUGS AND DELAYED MATCHES. IS THIS CHEATERS OR JUST THE SERVER ? SO DAMN FUSTRAITING.


My guess is that the servers are overcrowded with people trying to get above 3500 by the end of the tournament. I gave up trying, because of having to level up my dinos more before taking on Sorna Marshes, and not enough coin to level them up.

I was on this afternoon, and was hit by the lag as well. Made playing difficult, since i would sometimes get my moves hidden when the game had a minor freak-out.


Ludia, spin up more AWS instances please! Don’t be cheap, u have earned so much.


Actually, this tournament requires you to get over 4kto earn a prize… So… Youre not going to make it anyway


Didn’t think I would. I kept getting knocked back into Lockdown from Sorna Marshes anyway. I just need to focus on building up my team.


what the hell does the tournament has to do anything with this bug ? i wasnt even asking about it.


I was saying that possibly the biggest problem with the PVP arenas began when the tournament did. Tons of players, all jockeying for position, some getting knocked into lower arenas, and having to climb back up again. I don’t think Ludia really foresaw that many players crowding the servers all at once like that. If they had considered it as a possibility, they might have beefed up the server capacity a bit more. RNG is another problem, it was broken well before the tournament, and continues to be broken. The devs apparently have turned a blind eye to this potential game-breaker, because everyone complains to them, yet nothing has been done. It’s the classic “leave it alone, and we’ll fix it later… maybe” thing.


If youre going to respond, especially with an attitude, perhaps you should read everyone else’s messages or learn that when someone in a thread responds to a specific person it shows their icon on the right. The short answer is I was responding to what someone else said and your a rude idiot