Can you give me DNA for carnoturus, Brachiosaurus please Lydia please


Can you give me DNA for carnoturus and brachiosaus please


I get a reasonable amount of Carnotaurus DNA from night time appearances but I’ve only seen one Brachiosaurus in the wild. I want to see some Gryptosuchus as I’ve seen none and it’s the only dino in my set still with a blank grey box.


I saw my first Brachiosaurus in the wild at like… 5:30 this morning before I left for work. In the complete opposite direction from where I needed to go.

And I got my carnotorus out of an incubator at some point.


Who’s Lydia??


I got Brachiosaurus in the incubator from strike tower Duo today, wish I could trade ya!


The one who always swear to carry our burden, and also, blocked the door


Said no one ever ??

Lol, dare I ask: why carnataur?


An ar picture im guess thats where his usefulness ends…

But he is an iconic dinosaur like him and concavenator should have switched rarities.


Gryptho dna. You can get that from arena 6. Lockdown


Yes I can. You’ll have it tomorrow…


Cause it’s just a cool dinosaur. Also, odds are likely it will get a legendary fusion with pyroraptor.

Also has an amazing skin.


Might just have to intentionally drop my self down from the Marshes then.


You are crazy :joy:


Brach is not that difficult to find in the wild


No need, if you at upper arena, you have a chance to get all dino from lower tiee arena be patience :+1::+1:


Carnotaurus love!

I feel ya.