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Can you.give us some allegiance tools soon?

  1. Last online for every member
  2. Total DNA - Recieved for every member
  3. Total DNA - Donated from every member
  4. Promote - 5 guild “officers” with mute and kick
  5. Private Messages
  6. A sticky MOTD for the chat window

Thank you :slight_smile:


And eventually alliance battles!



^ Back up.

We need guild tools please, kind sirs.:slight_smile:

Knowing activity of members would be vital in deciding who and who isn’t contributing and active. I agree with these.


That would be cool. Could have friendly alliance tourneys.

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  1. Only the Leader and their assignees should be able to invite others into the Alliance.

Well, it’s been awhile and with all the changes from 1.7 we need these options more then ever.

Boosts drove a lot of peeps away and those that stuck around need to figure out who is active and is helping with alliance quest ranks, and who is not.

I don’t feel that this is asking a lot, this is a staple of other online games that have structured guild systems after all.

Please consider these options. :thinking:


Some tools could be nice. Like even if we could see the top 10 contributers and donaters. You know when you click on top contributer? It should show the top 10 or even 5 when you click it.


I like the top 10 idea. :sunglasses:

I think it would be even better if a press and hold action on an individual alliance quest would just bring up a new pop up tab. This new window would only stay open for as long as you are holding down the button.

The window would display every person that contributed to this quest with a %.

It would be really easy to keep track of your guild activity this way.

People who did put “some” work in to help may be left out by a top 5 or 10 list. Even though they log in every day.

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They really ought to do something. I’m growing tired of those who just request exclusive dna and don’t donate it. Yet they donate things like apat. I wanna see how much they do towards the goal before calling judgement day of my own.

These features should have been in 1.6… should have been implemented before boosts. But 1.6 brought us the alliance mission preview… it wasnt actually a working feature until 1.6.x and we shoulf have gotten some tools then.

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Daily bump. :slight_smile:

People in my alliance are starting to drop like flies. Boosts really put a damper on everything.