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Can you guys fix things

I having been enjoying the game because I lose every battle and there are other stuff. Even GamingBeaver has said it and its true, I want this game to be funner after the update…


Jurassic World the Game is so boring in my opinion but because of the arena gaming beaver has said it is more fun than jwa. When a popular youtuber is talking about it in every ludia game, that’s how Ludia knows they messed up.


Yea, I’m thinking of quitting this game :frowning:

I love this game and would never quit it but that’s your choice. It’s only the advantage tourneys and arena that is messed up. If its the arena that is getting you triggered, then I’m guessing you are in 3,000 to 6,000.

It could also be you are more strategic than most other players in your arena but its overwhelming because your dinos aren’t as high. That’s how I felt in marshes but then I got to estate after 3 weeks.

This is most likely gonna be fixed by 1.15.

For all the other people, I know that ludia is lazy but they’re not lazy enough to let people quit.


Cough cough JP builder cough cough

what happened in jp builder.

@dino_boy y are they silencing you for talking about gaming beaver. That comment just disappeared.

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exactly idk why -_-

Yeah… it’s sort of reached its “the end”. Have to drag myself to battle for my alliance. Hunting the same lame creatures day after day and battling the same lame battles day after day. Used to be on JWA more than 6 hours a day. Nowadays it’s an hour max. That’s the time it takes me to get my 4 incs slots filled… punishment for reaching library I guess.


I am trying to work as hard as I can just to help my alliance and donate, only if they gave something to us leaders and then we can donate enough DNA smh

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How do you expect arena to be fun when, surprise surprise, its full of humans who wanna win? It can be challenging and that could be fun but up to a point, everyone will gravitate to a point of maximun efficiency.

As @Poezzzie said, its no fun spending 1 hour getting 4 incs so everyone will go boost and then build OP dinos. You choose not to, you lose more or you need to have unorthodox strategy.

Arena will always be boring or because every player has their own idea of what is right and what is not right.

Arena gets worse in Nublar Shores. Everything below that is fun if you are willing to lose a bit and hone strategy. 20 battles an hour and half wins can be fun.

If you wanna be like Ludia and be lazy then quitting the game is best for you. Find a new project and work towards it. Dun expect Ludia to make things fun because your definition of fun might not be what their definition of profitable is.

I dun expect 1.15 to be any less annoying as 1.4 to 1.14 because Ludia isnt going to change the core part of the game just because a few hundred minnows are not having fun.

For me, its being able to build lvl 20 sancs, have a 10/10 alliance, finding new adventures and leveling everything to lvl 30. With Giga scent and daily dart sales, its possible to get huge amounts of DNA that you can stockpile for alliance donations, future creatures or just being useful in alliance.

its really hard in jurassic ruins because they are all bots with crazy…uniques with tier like 5 to 10 boosts on. lets say 20 battles, I win only 4 of them… I don’t even have uniques.

Ruins? How are bots in Ruins more boosted than Depot? I should drop 1 day to Ruins and see for myself.

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This is how to fix things while not messing with boosts.

I am currently in ruins with just over 3900 trophies and the bots that I face only have tier 1-3 boosts on their uniques, not incredibly hard for me but I don’t know why you are facing bots with a lot of boosts on their unique creatures.