Can you guys help me pick the best team?


Can you guys give me some suggestions of which creatures should be on my team? Thanks! Also, I have a few basic strategies that I’ve been using on Please go check it out! Thanks for all the help! For reference, I’ve just entered arena 5


Definitely want some sort of raptor on there,definitely one that has a passive strike to reassure you’ll win, a rex if you have it, and then just comepare and make sure you have at least one armoured dino too. Then the rest make sure theyre strong


Sorry it wasn’t showing my current team I fixed it now :slight_smile:


I would be trying to unlock the Stegodeus, I love using this tank and it can defeat nearly every dinosaur out there (if used correctly)

You will need a bunch of DNA for the following dinosaurs:
Stegosaurus - requires 500 per fusing attempt and Nodopatosaurus (Epic) - requires 50 per fusing attempts.
The Nodopatosaurus (Epic) requires Apatosaurus (Common) x 200 DNA & Nodosaurus (Rare) x 50 DNA per each fusing. Don’t get discouraged if you get mostly 10 DNA per attempt since it seems to be common


Yes, I’ve been trying to make a nodopatosaurus, but it’s going to take a while. Though ever since the last update, apatosaurus are very common in my area, I can’t seem to find a single nodosaurus. Thanks for the advice though!