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Can you guys put in the indorapter gen 2 and Godzilla please

Can you guys put in the indorapter gen 2and godzila please I think I think it would be awesome

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and can you guys bring back the brawlasaures scan function rack plese

A d an aquatic superhybrid made of whatever the misrepresented makes and meglodon super DNA please you only have 5 superhybrid and they are only land creatures

And a cenzoic superhybrid

I can agree with Indoraptor Gen 2, a aquatic super hybrid, and a cenozoic super hybrid.
Godzilla on the other hand… NO! No no no no no, no.


I wouldn’t agree with indoraptor gen 2 neither.

If we have godzilla we would kill level 40 indos in 1 hit. plus he would be to overpowered and kill all the bosses. unless he was a boss.