Can you guys put in the indorapter gen 2 and Godzilla please

Can you guys put in the indorapter gen 2and godzila please I think I think it would be awesome


and can you guys bring back the brawlasaures scan function rack plese

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A d an aquatic superhybrid made of whatever the misrepresented makes and meglodon super DNA please you only have 5 superhybrid and they are only land creatures

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And a cenzoic superhybrid

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I can agree with Indoraptor Gen 2, a aquatic super hybrid, and a cenozoic super hybrid.
Godzilla on the other hand… NO! No no no no no, no.


I wouldn’t agree with indoraptor gen 2 neither.

If we have godzilla we would kill level 40 indos in 1 hit. plus he would be to overpowered and kill all the bosses. unless he was a boss.

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I have recently changed my mind about Godzilla though

Oh and I have another idea how about dodo bird and
And it’s a good idea new bosses like a :dog2:and a freice :cat2:

We definitely need indoraptor gen 2 that’s actually a really good idea.

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And new arenas like a volcano and Lockwood mansion

But how do we make the indorapter gen 2? cause I think Indominus rex gen 2 and blues bna

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With velociraptor gen 2 S-dna of course.

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That is fine but in Jurassic world alive that’s how you make it is with Indominus rex gen 2 and blues DNA? so that’s how I think it should be made

It even looks like blue also

That’s because the in game model is based off the movie and in the movie indoraptor was made from blues dna by Henry wu.

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Veseraptor gen 2 bna is right

Dilhosaures gen 2 combined with the titanic boa =bilhoboa

We need more dinosaurs add the oviraptor and
More hybrids me need more snakes to and cenzoic birds like dodo bird and saber tooth tiger

About what you said about indorapter gen 2
in the movie they said the next indorapter is going to have blues DNA