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Can you help me build a better team?



monomimus and pyrritator in tryostronix and paramoloch out


Nope, your team is already excellent.
I would only take out paramoloch because I don’t like it or find it very useful.

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Thanks, what to put instead of paramoloch?


Your team is missing a bleeder.
If you don’t have one at a high level enough start working towards one.


i would not exactly call his deck excellent. he has 4 chompers 2 tanks one paramoloch and an indoraptor. only 1 dino over 126 and none at 129. the deck needs to speed up to actualy be better. he has high enough damage but no speed so mostly their opponent will go first

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It doesn’t matter that the opponent goes first if you one-shot them.
The only addition I think he really needs is spinotasuchus for paramoloch. Nothing currently in his bench could really improve his team at the moment.


you cant one shot them if they distract you then stun you than run away(utarinex and dilora family) or if they one shot you with faster dinos before you ever lay a hand on them. there are so many scenarios that your strategy fails here. 4 dinos that hit slow but hard is too much for any deck and could be easily beaten

edit: also to mention that after you get distracted then stunned, the third hit will take you out whether if they run afterwards or not so you can count utahsinoraptor there as well


It’s not my scenario. One player is asking help for his current team, not for a theoretical perfect team that it would take him months/years of playing to complete. Focus on that.

It doesn’t really matter what deck you run if you run it properly. You run what you can.
There will be always multiple scenarios that will put you in disadvantage… Your skill plays there to overcome it… I’m running a quite similar team with 4 chompers, one bleeder, one tank, one counter-attack and indominous. I play against utarinex family every day, I’m slow because I don’t have the dinos to be faster and I still get enough wins…If you play your cards right.


but this guys HAS the faster dinos. monomimus and pyrritator at least. and you yourself too can adapt into a kinda faster team. you said that is not your scenario. you dont know what the owners scenario and playstyle is. i saw the post as:“my strategy doesnt seem to work can any of you guys help me with a new strategy with the current dinos i have.” and i tried to help as best as i could. if he had a good gameplay experience with his current team he wouldnt ask for help. so in my ( and most peoples) opinion, 4 chompers are too much and he needs some speed and monomimus and pyrritator are good at replacing a chompers at his situation

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All right, monomimus for paramoloch. Deal.
His pyrritator is too low level for the rest of his team and adding two frail dinos wouldn’t actually help.

But I must say, that monomimus is a gamble and I don’t like to gamble with my team.


i will give you that one pyrritator may need a level or two before going in the deck but 4 chompers are still too much. also yes spinutahsuchus or suchotator in place of a chomper would be a nice edition


I can agree that a bleeder is his most urgent need, xD.


Definitely need a bleeder. Especially for Epic strikes. I run with 2 on my team. I just got my first unique this week in Indoraptor. And I am in the Aviator arena running out with Suchatator and Spinotasuchus.


Thank you all guys for the advice