Can you help me understand this?


I busted by butt but only see Stygimolch dna??? What’s up with that!


Doesnt matter the arena you are in you’ll always get x13 dna of stigy. Plus (in the case of arena 7) another x13 dna of another epic. It happens a lot that you get x26 of stigy and nothing else.
So get used to stigy lol. Btw its a great dino to battle with i really like its moveset


i’m getting epic DNA that’s also needed for a unique the only way possible :sob: :sob: :sob:


Stygi is the only arena exclusive epic in the game right now, so every 8h incubator will guarantee it. It then also gives you some non exclusive DNA from another epic from the arena, but it can vary based on any arena you’re in and lower.