Can you help me with my team please?

Hey guys, i seem to struggle climbing arenas. Can you please take a look at my team and some of the other epics that i have and suggest some changes?image image

I think you should put carbonemys and unlock purutaurus and put it in tour team, thylacotator and monolophosaurus are also a good choice, as well as erlikogamma, postimetrodon, sinoceratops and stegoceratops

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Start replacing your non hybrids for better hybrids, like thyla(or suchotator until you unlock It), erlikogamma, pututaurus, postimetrodon, etc. Velo, Miragaia, tarbo, rex and secodonto can only get you so far and become more situational the higher you get. Turtle is a great non hybrid and you can level It to 20 without wasting dna. You can use stegocera/sinoceratops and dimodactylus for more swap utility. Having some swap in dinos helps a lot in many situations. Edmonto, procera and sarco are great so i would keep them.

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Don’t rush climbing. Widen your field of creatures so you can play different teams. It keeps things interesting.

Winning doesn’t matter. As you slowly level creatures and figure out which ones work the best, you will climb naturally. You find your place in the ‘pecking order’ which I think you have based on wanting help.

There is kind of two roads in this game:
The broad road which is to level the top 8 very best creatures you can make and play that same one team all the time to get as high as you can which to me is monotonous and sometimes frustrating.
The narrow road, level together lots of all the good and decent creatures together and play all kinds of different teams where winning doesn’t matter and just have fun whether you win or lose.

I play teams generally 20-21 but play creatures 18 to 21. I have over 100 creatures to interchange and play and I’m not so high, getting new creatures to team level doesn’t take a half a year. I have a lot of fun with a large selection of creatures to play along with working at the new ones to play.

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