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Can you mail energy when you compensate issues instead of throwing it at us randomly?

I know you can do it, because early on when the alphas were really messed up, you mailed me 3 clan energy to make up for it. Now it seems you just add energy to our current total and, based on when you do. it either it’s helpful or a total waste. Today it seems like you addressed my issue right after I went to bed. You told me you added 10 arena energy and I woke up to 11. Based on my schedule all of that energy would’ve regenerated before I had a chance to use it anyway, except that extra 1 I got because I must’ve started with 1 energy. If you gave me the 10 energy when I was at 0 energy, I would’ve gotten nothing. So thanks for the 1 energy when I was told I’d get 10.Not exactly waht I was hoping for as resolution. Especially when your response was “you won’t get any more compensation after this if you have any more bugs”. Right now there’s a ton of bugs in the game. I actually think they could be reproducing as I seem to get at least one new one a day. Anyway, how you handle our issues kinda screams to the players “we don’t care about you” and makes me feel like “why should I bother pointing out the bugs to them?”

I’ve had several more “fun” bugs that I haven’t put in a ticket in for. But at this point there’s so many I don’t feel like taking the time to point them all out to you since I know you’re not gonna handle it to my satisfaction. Also it’s not my job to playtest the game for you. You should probably hire people to do that.

So yeah, my suggestions for you are: 1) If you give us any energy for compensation, mail it to us. The medals and runes could just be added to our total, but any energy should be mailed since it’s constantly regenerating. Though in my opinion, mailing the medals and runes would probably make sense, too, as people will see that they actually received something instead of going on your word that it was done. 2) Actually playtest your game before putting out new content so hopefully we don’t have to deal with customer support at all. Less bugs means less unhappy customers that have to deal with customer support. After waiting god knows how long for a response, it kinda sucks to be unsatisfied with the resolution.



Also support asking us not to send more tickets until they respond is unrealistic given the amount of bugs vs the amount of time taken to answer. It’s not our fault we encounter more bugs that should be reported since our last report


Also, “sorry but we will not compensate any further if the same thing happens again” makes me so mad, i lost count of how many alpha battles me and my clanmates lost because of bugs. Now the arena bugs are making everyone lose lots of medals, trophies and theyr winning streak, it is not a one time thing, just FIX stuff please.


They use support as customer support, not bug reporting, but when you report a bug, they tell you to contact their support. I don’t want compensation, I want information. Your compensation is garbage compared to what is lost anyways.

We all want the bugs fixed and if you want we will show you everytime we can so you have all the info to do so. You obviously missed it in testing.


I agree Daniel, it’s so frustrating! If I have to keep suffering from the same bugs, they should still compensate us for them.


@Daniel_Figueiredo,I agree with you,having bugs in the game is not our fault and they should keep compensating us until they fix these bugs,I got that infinite loading at the end of an arena battle yesterday and today and I lost a lot of trophies because of it, I was going to send an email to them but I didn’t because they already compensated me just recently so I know they will say they can’t anymore as always.


If your update is this bug ridden, roll back to the previous version, apologize, and get it together. They seem to refuse to do hot fixes and wanna push these big updates, so roll back then try again. Just leaving the game as is and giving “compensation” is something else.


I gave up on reporting bugs since my messages simply vanish - obviously ingame support is bugged for me since the update or support doesn‘t care to answer at all to my ticket I put in before the update came.
I simply don‘t get how there can be this many bugs in each single update, never had anything like that with any mobile game. Best part was an update that focuses on bug fixes and causes even more / worse bugs than before.
I‘m still playing for my clan and because I like the idea and graphics of the game, but I don‘t really know how long I‘ll go on if there‘s not even a hotfix for Arena bugs that affect non-Arena gameplay.


I guess another thing that would be helpful would be letting us attach screenshots to our support messages. The Tapjoy people seem to have it down (if you request that they look into runes you didn’t get there’s a section to attach proof that you met their criteria).

I know I’ve had several bugs that I haven’t bothered reporting because it’d be very time consuming to try to explain everything that happened. With a picture, I can do it much more easily. I guess I can do so by going to my computer and coming to the forums, but it’d be so much easier to just do it through the game and sending a screenshot by my phone.

Do you have iPhone or Android? Because I can send pictures on iOS. Would be very strange to allow only one to do it. Oh wait…I forgot what company we were talking about for a second lol. :joy:

There once was an option to attach one screenshot ingame, that option vanished with some update for me and I haven’t checked / paid attention yet if it’s back (iOS over here, too) - maybe it’s bugged?


I’ve always messaged Ludia through Gmail, you can attach screenshots there.

I stopped reporting bugs because most of the bugs that I have reported have never been fixed.

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