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Can you make local epic spawn same rate as global epics?


Like the ratio we meet trex (global epic) vs each of local epic is way off… indo raptor is the first unique most people are able to make. Even before they get some of their legendary (utahsino/raja/etc) up to 20.

Please balance them but do NOT reduce the epic spawn. It take days already to get just 1 epic spawn sometimes. I will take it even if its a t rex.

The more interesting dinos (sino/pyro hybrids) are so under levelled compared to the t rex hybrids because of the spawn rate imbalance.

Or at least make sunday epic have more varieties and chances. Feeling the burnt after 2 weeks of flyers epic only (and only 6 chances each). My legendary type dino has stagnated since 2 weeks of none of their dna being available.

Edit: it also has the good side effect of people not shouting for stegod nerf so much as we can level its counter appropriately. This way the game can be more balanced when we can level more types of dino to compete without having to keep resorting to nerfs.