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Can you make the dinosaurs more realistic in looks

I wish the dinosaurs where more realistic in looks like the carnotaurus
(Remember the old suchomimus skin like that also)

This is a mobile game, not a PC or console game, so the devs can only do so much. Not every phone or tablet has the processing power to render high-end graphics like you suggest. They got away with it once by making Carno more realistic, but the added coding it would require to remake all the skins would add to the already impressive amount of data on the Ludia game server. Not the arena server, but the server that the core code is on. Typically they’re on different servers as a security measure, but maybe Ludia does things differently.

To reskin every dino and make them look more real (I’m only talking about the base dinos, not the made-up hybrids) would take more than one patch to do. It might even crash some phones, or just stop running, due to the strain of processing more graphics data than the device can handle at once. This is why most mobile games don’t have graphics on par with say, PS4 or PC - the processing power just isn’t there.

Not all dinos just some of them the one that needs them like to put the old skin of the t-rex and the suchomimus
The spino and the color of some gen2 because its way to ridiculously vibrant etc

I think he is refering to more realistic coloring and fades of skin.

I dunno, unlike Jurassic World The Game, most dinosaurs and other creatures look pretty realistic and even have better models most of the time.

For a mobile game, Dimetrodon, Lythronax, T. Rex Gen 2, Concavenator, Gorgosaurus, Tanycolagreus, Erlikosaurus (both gens) , Euplocephalus and many more look dropdead gorgeous.

Even most of the hybrids look good and somewhat realistic. Well, there are some that look bad (Spinotasuchus looks like a weird Hasbro toy), and for the basic dinosaurs some look a bit low-effort compared to the rest (Monolophosaurus and Stegosaurus comes to mind), but even they look kinda alright.