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Can You Miss Receiving a Picture from Matches?

So, I’ve been playing for a few days - taking it all in etc.
And recently while chatting with Antoine :heart_eyes: a response of mine was that I commented on a picture he sent but he sent none :joy: :sweat_smile:. So I’m just wondering - if you don’t “say the right thing,” do you run the risk of not receiving that specific photo from any of the matches? Cause if so :sob: :sob:

From what I’ve found so far, even when I’ve intentionally chosen responses that upset the character they’ll still send whatever photo they’re meant to. What you’re experiencing could be a bug or maybe it is possible to miss a photo. How many pictures do you see in the gallery and where in the conversation are you with him?

I’m already at the current stopping point so no worries about spoilers for me.

In the gallery, I have 8 but haven’t unblurred them all. :sweat_smile:

It is after Arya gets hurt and is healing fast but Antoine thinks he isn’t going to get first place. I picked something about he tried and that’s all I care about (which I regretted picking immediately tbh) went on that subject then that is where I comment on a picture that was never sent. :sweat_smile:
So I dunno :woman_shrugging:t3:

Ohh, I forgot about these ones. The 8th and 9th photos are maps that MC sends to Antoine, so if you didn’t take the premium option they won’t have sent it to him.

I always take the premium option with him. :sweat_smile:
And I have both maps.
Perhaps there wasn’t a photo at that time. I don’t really know. But I do find it strange that MC commented on a photo that isn’t even there, unless she meant a very early one, which is possible. But it didn’t seem like it to me :woman_shrugging:t3:

Oh huh. There is a photo of him after, but I never unblurred any so I can’t say what exactly it is of or how soon after the 9th photo of the map was sent. Hopefully you didn’t miss one though! I’d find it a little odd if they sister send you the photos they were meant to regardless of your dialogue option because even when I’ve upset characters they have still sent their photos with their reasoning maybe slightly differing but same overall end goal for it, if that makes sense. Just like how the conversation always rights itsf even when you upset them.

Perhaps I’m looking too much into the text of the words - it just seemed that way to me which is what prompted this question to see if it can happen. Sounds as if it can’t, no matter what. I guess I shall see once I reach “the end” so to say. :joy: