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Can you nerf erlidom before I make it

Working on it now. Just want a heads up so I can stop making it. Can you just give us a list of what’s to be gutted next so players don’t waste time on it.

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Erlidominus is not being nerfed in coming update.

It’s a good & powerful unique

Go ahead and get it. I have it in my team at level 26.

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I know. Was just hoping for a preemptive nerf so I don’t waste time on it. Like everything else in this game since that’s all ludia does now is nerf dinos and prop one or two up to God status.

Nobody know what Ludia is planning.

Nothing got gutted this update…

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They wont give anyone a heads up on an incoming nerf, its more profitable to let players waste resources and coins and boosts on them, then nerf it, then they need to spend on another dinosaur till its gutted.


Don’t we already know though?

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Thats see whats coming on December 3rd… aka 1.11…

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Yeah I know I’m an idiot lol. I’m really embarrassed :flushed:. I thought I saw “see whats coming in 12.03".


I’ve never bothered making the dumb thing, nerf or no. I hate it.

Erlidom is perfect the way it is , don’t worry

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Best way to make sure you dont fall into a money pit trap and regret it after it gets nerfed is dont spend fortunes on pixels, just play. Sure it will take longer to “progress” but there is no end anyway, dinosaurs are being added and changed all the time.

if you were in a race to the finish line, and the line was attached to the back of a train that was designed to never stop, would you sprint for it?

Also ignore rating, its just a number that further makes you sprint to improve it.

If you are finding the reason you are playing matches isnt directly fun for you, dont do matches. Its a game not a career! If its not fun, take a break. If its still not fun when you come back. the only logical thing to do is not come back.

For instance yesterday i tamed a high level Yutyrannus in Ark, it was so difficult with its fears but i pulled it off in the end, and i didnt once spend any money OR get ratted.

now the not being fun after a break is why i stopped playing ark. it’s boring without others to play with, but i also din’t want to play with people i didn’t know online. it was fun for a while. i really liked the deinonychus introduction.

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I run my own server and its starting to get regular players that login all the time (every day multiple times a day) so its handy. Ive been helping them get on their feet with some resources and saddles and such where i can.

But did make it clear this wasnt going to happen all the time, dont wanna be harrassed to make stuff all the time lol.

Im actually in the process of moving from my cave base to the snow biome but i gotta make some aircon units coz last night the temp hit minus 20 in seconds and i had to fly out as the campfire wasnt enough.
I am kinda between bases so, its hard coz i have so much to move. Thinking of just taking my dinosaurs and blueprints and abandoning the rest tbh.

Being ratted in Ark would look hilarious though. Of course, there’s more than enough ways to die already.

Yeah ive experienced pretty much all of them haha. Though i got a new one yesterday I got ganked by a pack of dire wolves for the first time, lost my stone gathering rare blue doedicerus -_-.

Or getting chain feared by the Yuty roar and run into a pack of Daeodons and getting mauled >.<

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Ooh. I’ve only played mobile, and by far the worst way I’ve ever died and lost a mount is to those surface-stalking Cnidaria. Deep-sea creatures my foot.

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Those jellyfish are aids lol, like the clepto thieving seagulls lol.

There is a water mount that is totally immune to the jellyfish sting, but i dont recall the name, i stay out of the water.

The jelly are great source of biotoxin though, works better than the tranq narco things to keep things KO’d while taming but they spoil.

Yup, the Basilosaurus. It’s immune to Electrophorus shocks too. I tamed myself one recently, and it passively produces oil, so that’s a bonus. It’s a real beauty.

Annoying as those jellies can be, I’ll admit biotoxin has been a blessing, although I think it isn’t the best choice in some situations (something about it doing damage apart from the torpor).

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